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Wisdom tooth removal near me – Oral/maxillofacial surgery in Montrose

One way or another the one thing that makes us comfortable is convenience. Especially when it comes to hospital runs or visiting the clinics within the vicinity of where we live. Third molar extraction surgery is one of the most common surgeries that is done in the world. All of us are looking for the facility offering the services for it near us. 

Wisdom teeth removal near me 

Wisdom teeth extraction, although not a very complicated surgery, needs to be done by an expert to increase the chances of its success. Therefore a facility like Premiere Surgical Arts that is located in Houston and provides the services of oral/ maxillofacial surgery among other things is the option. 

What is wisdom teeth surgery? 

Wisdom teeth extraction surgery is done to deal with the problem of teeth growing in the back of the upper and lower jaws which causes discomfort and pain. The wisdom teeth extraction is also referred to as the third molar extraction. The wisdom teeth appear in the ages of 17 years to 23 years. The process of wisdom teeth surgery can be broken down into a series of following steps:

  • Numbing the area with the help of general anesthesia so that the patient will not feel any pain during the surgery
  • The doctors also give relaxants at times to those patients who feel nervous about the surgery. 
  • A small incision is made alongside the impacted tooth which needs to be dealt with
  • For more access, the tooth is further broken down into a series of smaller pieces.
  • Then the wisdom tooth extraction is done by making a clear pathway between the teeth band the bone
  • The wound is then covered with gauze.

The entire surgery usually takes up to 20 minutes to be done. However, the doctor must analyze the angle at which the teeth are growing to be able to make rational decisions regarding the extraction. During the wisdom teeth extraction, slight discomfort might be felt by the patient especially when the doctor would move the tooth to dislodge it from its bracket. The cut is usually sewn up with dissolvable stitches that disappear after 7 to days of the surgery.

Doctors always recommend to their patients to have some else accompany them for the surgery, as the patient would be under the influence of general anesthesia. The swelling usually takes up to two to three days to go down and not be as noticeable as before. The slight bruising would also disappear at the entire recovery period of two weeks is over. Monitoring of the wisdom teeth is of extreme importance so that a patient can prepare himself or herself. 

Benefits of wisdom teeth extraction 

Some of the significant benefits of tooth removal are that it decreases the chances of gum diseases and tooth decay. It also at times can cause problems like sinus, pain, and congestion so by dealing with it an individual can avoid these problems altogether. It also decreases the chances of infections and the formulation of cysts around the impacted tooth, which can damage the nerves. 

It also helps in the preservation of the alignment of the teeth and makes it easier to clean them as well.

Aftercare measures and cost of the treatment

So the aftercare for wisdom teeth extraction surgery is of utmost importance if the patient wants to prevent the wound from getting infected. The initial 24 hours after the surgery is crucial; therefore the patient should have some assistance from a family member or friend. It is not recommended to drive after getting the operation done for at least two days as the traces of general anesthesia would still be present in the body. Any physical activity should not be done after the surgery, and ice packs can be used to reduce the swelling. For bleeding biting firmly on the gauze for an hour or 30 minutes is recommended. Alcohol consumption along with carbonated drinks and hard food is not advised. Hard foods would be extremely difficult to chew as the chances would be that the wound would open up and start bleeding again. For drinking, straws are recommended, and vigorous mouthwashes are not recommended as it might make the wound irritated. Antibiotics will be the friends that you can have for the duration of their intake as prescribed by the doctor. The area of the impacted tooth would still be tender so the chances are that the jaw would be swollen and it would be difficult to open the mouth. After the tooth removal for the healing process food that has a lot of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and proteins are recommended for consumption. Soft food like vegetable soups, broths, and scrambled eggs are advised as all of them have a lot of positive elements in them.  The cost of the surgery is not that extreme, but it is costly. A simple wisdom tooth extraction is priced at a $99 while a surgery that requires several tooth removals will fall between $200 and $400. Some people sue the help of their health insurance to cover the partial price. But that too is dependent on the insurance policies and its rules and regulations. 


How painful is it you have your wisdom tooth extracted? 

The doctors give general anesthesia to patients so that they do not experience pain. But after the surgery slight pain might be felt. 

Is it worth it to remove wisdom teeth? 

To avoid the issue that wisdom tooth might cause in the future, it is practical to get it removed earlier.

Are you put to sleep for wisdom teeth removal? 

This happens in cases when all four of your wisdom teeth are to be removed. Normally this doesn’t happen. 

What is the aftercare of wisdom teeth removal?

Take your antibiotics; do not touch the wound and no physical activity. 

How long does it take to remove wisdom teeth? 

It usually takes 20 minutes.

Best wisdom teeth removal facility in Houston 

Premiere surgical arts are known for being the in the business. They have a very competent team in place for dealing with patients. Plus the staff f is very friendly as well. So book your appointments now to avail the services they are offering. 


All of us love convenience; therefore, we all look for things that would make our lives easier. When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction as well, we all have one question while searching. The question is “wisdom tooth removal near me” this is also because of the fact that most of us do not like long distances. Plus after getting surgical extractions done, we would all like to get home as soon as possible. Wisdom teeth extraction surgery is not a complicated procedure. Doctors or surgeons use local anesthesia in operation for numbing purposes. Third molar extraction takes up to two weeks to recover fully. After two weeks the patient is back to normal. Having competent and professional surgeons to handle the surgery makes the entire process a lot easier. The article will elaborate on the process of wisdom teeth extraction, how long does the wisdom tooth extraction take and recovery period after the surgery? It will further mention the benefits of getting wisdom teeth extraction done and how to take care of yourself after the surgery is done. For most people, the cost of the wisdom tooth extraction surgery is very important as well which will be discussed in this article. The one thing that is about the Premiere Surgical Arts facility, who provide oral/ maxillofacial surgeries as well, is that they offer free consultations. So in order to avail the services offered by this facility book your appointments now by contacting them.

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