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Wisdom teeth removal surgery in Tanglewood

Symptoms of wisdom teeth coming in begin by discomfort. Wisdom teeth are third in the set of molars that can cause overcrowding in the mouth. This affects the overall alignment of the teeth and causes pressure on the jaw. The teeth tend to push against each other, resulting in toothache and discomfort. This is when you need to get wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Wisdom tooth extraction surgery – do you have to get your wisdom teeth out

Tooth extraction pain is nothing compared to the pain of impacted teeth. Another reason why wisdom teeth need to be extracted is when the mouth of an individual is too small to accommodate extra molars. Some people end up accidentally biting the inner lining of their cheeks, resulting in abrasions and bleeding. Wisdom tooth removal surgery becomes necessary in case of impacted wisdom teeth or when they grow at an angle, resulting in a great amount of discomfort.

Wisdom tooth extraction procedure – how to get wisdom teeth removed and how do they take your wisdom teeth out?

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is required if the teeth make the person uncomfortable. However, their absence does not have a bad impact on the person, and neither does it result in any hindrance for them. Dentists often have to analyze and check if the tooth needs to be removed. They also have to check if the person is eligible to undergo surgery.  

Preparing for wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom tooth extraction usually happens under the effect of anesthetics. General anesthesia can make a person vomit. This is why many people would advise to fast or not eat another the night before the procedure has to take place. Some dentists analyze the condition of the surrounding teeth as well.

How long does a wisdom tooth extraction take?

The time period depends on the complexity and the number of teeth that need to be extracted. On average, the procedure might take about an hour and a half. You can search for ‘wisdom teeth removal near me’ to get accurate results.

Dental surgeon wisdom teeth removal and Erupted wisdom teeth removal

Many patients end up feeling jittery and nervous before the wisdom teeth removal surgery takes place. This is why many dentists prefer to use IV sedation or the laughing gas for wisdom teeth removal. They either render the person unconscious or calm them, especially for impacted wisdom teeth removal. 

Is wisdom teeth removal safe?

Wisdom tooth removal surgery is a safe procedure when it is done correctly. The dentists have to make sure that they do not leave any part of the root behind and the patients have to be very particular about their oral hygiene. Otherwise, infection or decay caused can spread in the surrounding teeth and the whole mouth as well.  

Wisdom teeth removal with local anesthesia

Dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area, so the patients do not feel any pain during the procedure. After the procedure is over, the numbness and swelling take a while to wear off, but it keeps the post-surgery pain at bay.

Can you get your wisdom teeth removed without anesthesia? 

Wisdom teeth removal surgery can be an extremely uncomfortable process, and this is why the dentists have to use anesthesia. Otherwise, they would be going through excruciating pain during the removal of the tooth. Anesthesia has an added cost of its own. Continue reading to find out.  

How much to get wisdom teeth taken out and the cost of anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal

It can cost about $75-$200 and more if the tooth is impacted already. The cost of anesthesia and facilities fee can add to the total expenditure. If you are insured, then the cost for anesthesia can be around $500.

Top wisdom teeth removal – preparing for wisdom tooth extraction 

Top wisdom teeth removal is considered harder by dentists because it is difficult to reach the teeth that far up, and especially if the person has a smaller mouth. Read on to see a few questions people have asked about the surgery. 


How painful is it to have your wisdom tooth extracted?

The procedure of wisdom teeth removal is not painful on its own. This is because the dentists use anesthetics and IV sedation to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain during the process. Otherwise, the toothache can become unbearable. Patients do feel swelling and numbness after the procedure is done. Once these effects wear off, that is when the patient begins to feel a toothache. This is why dentists prescribe painkillers and medications to help ease the patient’s discomfort and make the recovery process easier. 

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

A simple extraction can cost 99 USD per tooth, whereas if the tooth is impacted, then the average cost can be somewhat between 230 USD to 340 USD. Since costs vary a lot depending on states and countries, it is that you contact your dentist to find out the exact amount needed. 

Can wisdom teeth cause swelling before being removed?

Teething can cause pain and swelling. This happens when the wisdom teeth are about to erupt from the gums. One might suffer from swelling in this area, and some also feel discomfort. This occasionally leads to infections as well which can spread to the jaw, mouth or face if they are left untreated. 

Does tooth alignment change after wisdom tooth extraction?

Tooth alignment can be affected after wisdom tooth extraction. This is because the wisdom teeth apply a lot of pressure on the other teeth, pushing and crowding them against one other. After they are removed, there is more space for the teeth to avoid crowding. This results in a change in the bite. 

Can my extracted wisdom teeth grow back?

Wisdom teeth do not have any teeth under them which could grow out. Third molars grow out when the person almost reaches puberty. Once they are extracted, they cannot grow back out again.

Urgent care tooth extraction and emergency dental for wisdom teeth

You can easily book an appointment for the removal of your wisdom teeth. If the pain is growing uncomfortable, it can be treated on emergency bases. For more information regarding the procedure and the wisdom tooth extraction aftercare, visit Premiere Surgical Arts right now. 


Wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary when they are more painful than bearable. They are also known as the third molars that grow out when a person is going through the end of puberty. Wisdom teeth removal surgery becomes necessary when they turn out to be impacted wisdom teeth. One can get the procedure under an emergency basis as well. However, the treatment itself does not involve immense pain because the dentists make use of local anesthesia or laughing gas. They help to numb the target area and calm the person down before the surgery. The patients may feel some pressure but the amount of pain if kept minimal because the very process of tooth extraction can be very painful. Wisdom teeth removal does not affect the day to day lives of people; however, removing them can put people at ease sometimes. Dentists find it harder to operate on people with smaller mouths and those that need to remove their upper wisdom teeth. They advise people to abstain from eating much since the local or general anesthesia can cause vomiting. After the procedure is over and the numbness wears off, that is when most patients feel more pain. For this very reason, dentists prescribe painkillers to help and ease their discomfort. Local anesthetics make wisdom teeth removal relatively easier. Wisdom teeth can also affect the alignment of teeth for many people, affecting their bite as well. If one is suffering from the toothache caused by wisdom teeth, then he can opt for emergency dental care. 

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