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Wisdom teeth extraction facility in Houston – Oral/ Maxillofacial surgery Montrose

Oral/ maxillofacial surgeries have become quite common as more and more people have started to understand its importance. One of the most of common surgery in relation to dentistry that is performed is of wisdom tooth extraction. Although the word surgery is a bit daunting for most people, the operation itself is not that critical. However, the success of the operation is dependent on the surgeon who is doing the surgery.

What is wisdom tooth and when do they appear? 

So wisdom tooth is also referred to as the third molar. The third molar appears at the backside of the upper and lower jaw areas. Usually, the wisdom tooth grows or appears between the ages of 17 and 23. This isn’t something that only a handful of people will end up having. Every human being has wisdom tooth in his or her mouth. Some choose to get them removed while others do not. Wisdom teeth removal surgeries are ranked among the most conducted surgeries. 

The process of wisdom teeth removal 

Wisdom tooth extraction surgery is broken down into several steps. The first step is to numb the area from where the wisdom tooth is growing with the help of general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Usually, doctors will give relaxants to the patient if they are anxious about the surgery. Then the next step is to make a small cut or incision in the gum area to be able to access the tooth that is to be extracted. In order to handle it more effectively, the wisdom tooth might be broken down into smaller pieces. Then to loosen the tooth from the bracket, the doctor will slowly move it back and forth. The patient might experience slight discomfort during this, but it won’t be that noticeable. The area is numbed for another reason so that the patient might not experience pain. However, at times some of the patients do feel slight pain, so it is recommended to inform the doctor about it. The doctor might then give more general anesthesia so that the pain will not be experienced. This is how the tooth extraction surgery is completed. The surgery itself takes about 20 minutes to be completed and the recovery time after the surgery is maximum 2 weeks. The length of the surgery is also dependent on how deeply the impacted wisdom tooth is rooted in the gum area. The stitches take about 7 to 10 days to dissolve. The swelling takes about 2 to 3 days to reduce considerably. 

Why is wisdom tooth extracted? 

Mostly people avoid getting wisdom tooth extraction surgery done as they think it is not that important. However, tooth extraction is dependent on the discomfort and pain it cause to an individual. There is also a possibility that cysts might formulate around the wisdom tooth, which can damage the nerves. Also at times, wisdom teeth are known for causing sinus issues along with congestion and pain. 

What to do after the surgery? 

Patients will experience pain after the surgery, and they will be recommended to take medications like ibuprofen and antibiotics. After tooth extraction, the healing process is one of the most important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. For swelling after the wisdom tooth extraction, it is advised to use ice packs on the side of the face where the surgery was done. The ice packs help in reducing the swelling considerably. To stop the bleeding place a gauze over the wound and bite the gauze for an hour or 30 minutes after the tooth extraction. It is recommended not washing the mouth vigorously as it might prompt the bleeding to start again by irritating the wound. Food that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients is recommended to aid in the healing process of the wound. Also, hard food is forbidden during the recovery time of the wound. Soft foods like soups and broths are advised. Soft drinks and alcohol are also forbidden after the tooth extraction until the wound gets healed completely. Driving for two days after the surgery is prohibited as well even it is recommended not to get involved in any physical activity.

What is the cost of wisdom tooth removal? 

Wisdom tooth extraction cost varies and depends on the procedure itself. If it is a simple extraction, the cost can be around $99, but if the extraction is crucial, then the cost can waver between $230 and $340. Most people rely on their health insurance as well to cover half of the cost incurred for the tooth extraction. 


Is it worth to remove wisdom teeth? 

It is dependent on whether r, not the wisdom tooth is causing any discomfort or pain. If it is not then people usually do not get it extracted.

Why do I have tooth pain after getting a crown? 

It is normal to experience pain after getting a crown. During the operation, the area is numbed by general anesthesia, so the pain is not felt. But once it wears out the pain experienced is very minute.

What are the way to take care of your teeth? 

The way to take care of your teeth is to brush regularly and flossing on a daily basis as well. It is also recommended to maintain oral health, as the condition of the teeth will be dependent on that as well.

Best facility in Houston providing services like wisdom teeth removal to consumers.

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Wisdom teeth extraction is quite a common surgery that every individual undergoes. This tooth extraction process is extensive and needs to be handled with care. For the surgery, the area that needs to be operated on is numbed using the general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The impacted wisdom tooth is the probed using various different tools. This article will provide details about the wisdom tooth removal and why do people get it removed? The article will also elaborate on the procedure of the wisdom tooth removal and what steps the surgeon generally undertakes. The article will emphasize the process of taking care of yourself after getting done with the surgery. As more and more people are becoming concerned with oral/ maxillofacial surgeries, the scope of information has also broadened. It is generally advised to consult with an expert before making any decision about which way to go. Although the surgery is not that complicated people still get a bit anxious about it. The total duration of the surgery is 20 minutes maximum which is also dependent on how deeply the wisdom tooth is rooted. The article will also mention the wisdom tooth extraction cost and why do most people think it is important to get rid of it. People have started to realize that oral health is equally important like any other issue regarding health. So book your appointments at the facility providing services for wisdom tooth extraction in Houston. 

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