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What Is Procedure for VASER Lipo?

By March 10, 2019Cosmetic Surgery

VASER Lipo, also known as VASER Liposuction (Liposculpture), is a type of treatment that uses ultrasound technology. The use of Ultrasound technology is very common in medical applications – right from catching a glimpse of the baby in the womb to deep cleaning the teeth. But with the advancement in technology, the power of ultrasonic energy has been harnessed for fat removal.

VASER® (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy) Liposuction uses tissue-selective ultrasonic technology to get rid of unwanted body fat i.e. the ultrasonic energy targets only unwanted body fats while preserving other surrounding tissues (blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue).

VASER Lipo is an advanced technology that promotes smooth body contouring by removing unwanted body fat. VASER Lipo offers a safe and smooth alternative to conventional liposuction. It is a very effective and minimally invasive method of body fat removal. During the VASER liposuction procedure, the unwanted fat is first broken up and emulsified before it is removed by an ultrasound probe which aids the liposuction procedure. Since this method uses a less aggressive approach, it makes it easier for the patient to recover faster.

Vaser Liposuction is typically carried out under four main stages, which are:

  1. Infusing the unwanted fat tissues with tumescent fluid.
  2. Breaking up and emulsifying the fat cells into the infusion fluid using a high-frequency vibration of VASER ultrasonic probes.
  3. Using a specially designed, highly-developed VASER liposculpting instrument – a thin tube called cannula – to remove the emulsified fat. The instrument enables a smooth and easy removal of both deep and superficial fat in the body.
  4. Retracting of the skin during the healing process to give a smooth, natural-looking result.

What is the VASER Liposuction Procedure?

Like stated above, VASER lipo procedure is an alternative to the conventional liposuction procedure. Most people avail of this procedure to improve the aesthetics of their body part by removing the unwanted fat deposits from underneath their skin.

VASER liposuction procedure differs from the traditional liposuction procedure in that the traditional procedure is specially meant for people who want to lose weight while the VASER procedure is normally for people in good physical and health condition. That is, the VASER Lipo procedure is not actually meant to lose fat (weight) but to remove stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise. Hence, the VASER liposuction procedure is generally for people who seek body sculpting or body contouring.

However, patients who undergo VASER liposuction procedure stand the risk of burns.

How VASER Liposuction Treatment Is Done?

To commence the VASER liposuction treatment, tumescent liquid, which is a saline solution mixed with local anaesthesia) is first injected into that particular are of the body to be treated. After then, high-frequency ultrasonic energy is used to break the fat cells instead of the water pressure, laser, or manual movement utilized to break down the fat in the conventional liposuction.

This is done by inserting VASER ultrasonic probes into the fat tissues to break down the fat cells. The vibration from the probes loosens up the fatty cells and emulsifies them into the tumescent liquid. As the fat cells emulsify into the tumescent liquid, they are removed by a small cannula. The local anaesthesia earlier injected into the body area to be treated helps to reduce or kill the post-procedural pain. And the saline solution helps to prevent excess bleeding and bruising. The saline solution also helps to protect and preserve other tissues.

The VASER liposuction procedure helps the patient to get the desired smooth and contoured look. The procedure is mostly used for body parts like the chin, neck, arms, chest, love handles, abdomen, knees, thighs, etc.

General anaesthesia is usually used during this procedure to reduce risks and to lower the overall cost of the liposuction procedure.

Who Is Eligible for The VASER Liposuction Procedure?

Considering the fact that VASER lipo is used to enhance the aesthetics of a particular body part and not to actually to reduce weight, the procedure is usually undertaken by patients who are relatively healthy and are seeking body sculpting or body contouring rather than weight loss.

Patients who want to get rid of fibrous areas around their back and upper abdomen can surely undergo this procedure. Patients who also want to remove large amounts of fatty tissues are also eligible for the VASER liposuction procedure as the ultrasonic energy can also break up and melt large volumes of fat.

Who Are Not Eligible for The VASER Liposuction Procedure?

Not everybody is eligible for the lipo procedure. People who have not maintained a healthy weight for at least six months are not eligible for this procedure. Also, a person with a bad lifestyle such as smoking habit, or a person who is under certain medications may not be eligible for the VASER procedure as the procedure may trigger certain health complications.

Side Effects Associated with VASER Lipo Procedure?

VASER lipo is a medical procedure. So, just like any other medical procedure, it has a level of risks. However, compared to the traditional surgical liposuction, VASER lipo generates very little side effects.

The ultrasonic energy generates heat and may burn the skin and body tissues. Also, the skin from where the unwanted fat was removed may become wavy, dimpled, and saggy if it does not respond to tightening. More so, VASER lipo may cause skin discoloration or unfavourable changes in skin pigmentation.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

Patients may experience some swelling in the treated body area after the VASER liposuction. It normally takes about 16 to 24 days to recover from this swelling. Skin retraction should also be monitored and controlled after the liposuction treatment to get the desired aesthetic result. Neglecting this may cause the skin to retract unevenly leading to folds, dimples, or wrinkles.

To prevent this, it is advisable to wear compression garments all through the day for at least a week after the procedure. If necessary, the patient may need to visit the surgeon for additional treatment to accelerate the reduction of the bruise and swelling. Antibiotics may also be administered to prevent postoperative bacterial infections.

How Long Does VASER Lipo Recovery Take?

As stated above, it takes about 24 days for the swelling to recede. The bruising also subsides after about 16 days. Also, about another 16 days are required for the patient to get over the numbness caused by the anaesthesia in the treated areas. VASER Lipo procedure does not have any serious implications, however, about 3 weeks is required to get over the initial side effects.

Is the result of VASER Liposuction Permanent?

Although, VASER lipo treatment helps to get rid of stubborn genetic fatty deposits that cannot be easily removed by exercise, living a healthy lifestyle is required to prevent the body from amassing the stubborn fats again.

To maintain the sculpted look, it is important to avoid sweets, fatty foods, and fast foods. It is also necessary to engage in regular exercise or workout.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of the VASER liposuction procedure, kindly contact us today.

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