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Study Proposes New Standards for Safely Performing Brazilian Butt lift

By January 30, 2020Brazilian butt lift

The BBL Fat Transfer which is a popular technique used in fat grafting attracted increasing concern over its safety due to complications from the surgery. As a result of this fear for safety, the American Society for Plastic Surgeons performed a study. This study was conducted to find out how safe the gluteal fat grafting is during the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

After the study, the Brazilian butt lift results show that the gluteal fat grafting is quite safe. The study concludes that gluteal fat grafting is not hazardous. That is; if the butt fat injections are isolated only to the subcutaneous tissues. This particular tissue can be found under the skin.

This standard for performing a safe Brazilian butt lift procedure is presently being adopted by many countries globally. There is even a report that the Medicine Board recently voted against surgeons injecting fat inside the patient’s muscles as a way of preventing complications.

Due to the mortality rate of these butt fat injections, Premiere Surgical Arts has taken a major role in providing safety standards as well as educating the patients. We have also created specialized butt fat injections and liposuction techniques which can improve the Brazilian butt lift results as well as their safety. At Premiere Surgical Arts, we use the safest technique to remove the fat then purify it in specialized holding canisters.

The next stage is to use an innovative technique of expansion vibration lipofilling to carefully apply the butt fat injections.

Through this specific procedure, the amount of fat survival for the lifting procedure increases. Also, it ensures a successful fat transfer during the fat grafting for buttock augmentation. When the BBL Fat Transfer is conducted by the best bbl doctor, who is board-certified, trained, this cosmetic procedure creates beautiful results.

For more information concerning this procedure, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Can I make my Buttocks Bigger?

Yes, of course, you can! There are many ways you can achieve your hear desire. Most people don’t know that the super curvy look everybody is dreaming about is all about increasing your muscle mass and reducing your body fat.

So if you want to make your buttocks bigger, you should eat more healthy foods that are rich in nutrients. You don’t have to eat too much protein or too much carbohydrate. Everything you eat should be in moderation to avoid incurring health issues. At least you should consume fruits each day no matter how small they are.

Another tip for making your butt bigger is by going through a glute-strengthening exercise. You can never make your butt bigger if you do not undergo exercise. It is advisable to commence a buttock building strength workouts like three times in a week. Make sure that this cardio workout is targeting your bum. It is quite normal to want a bigger but you will need to be dedicated and work very hard.

However, if you are looking for an effortless way to make your butt bigger, I can recommend the fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks otherwise called the BBL Fat Transfer. This bbl surgery is a cosmetic procedure of fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks. That is the best way to get quick results without the need to stress you undergoing strenuous exercises or monitoring your food intake.

Moreover, the fat transfer surgery is known to be safe although you will need to spend more money on it than when you are working out. 

How Long does Fat Transfer Last?

According to an expert cosmetic surgeon, the technique used for the Brazilian butt lift procedures can make it deliver enduring results. How long a fat transfer lasts depends greatly on the technique used and whether it is conducted by the best bbl surgeon.

The part of the transferred fat is reabsorbed by your body. However, the surviving fat after the first healing process which takes up to 3 months after the bbl surgery is taken to be transplanted permanently. Also, if you carefully adhere to the doctor’s instructions, the result of your bbl surgery can last for a lifetime. 

Is Brazilian But Lift safe?

Yes of course they are! That is; if it is conducted by the best bbl surgeon who has the perfect training, specific experience, and hands-on-deck experience of how the human body system works. Also, the procedure should be a correct and safe Brazilian butt lift procedure.

But then, because of the high demand for the Brazilian bum lift surgery, doctors who are not board-certified to carry out cosmetic surgery now perform the procedure. As a result of this situation, many patients who are lured by their false adverts of experience and affordable prices risk their lives.

But in answer to the question, the Brazilian butt lift is quite safe although it comes with its risk moments just like any other cosmetic surgery. The side effects which are most common are; infection around the treatment areas, pain, swelling, asymmetry, and bruising.

However, if you work with the best bbl surgery Near Me, who is certified by the board, experienced, and adhere to your after surgery instructions, the risks can be reduced. At least, Brazilian butt lift results are better and safer than that of other traditional butt implants. For instance; the Brazilian butt lift is safer than silicone injections which are banned in many different Countries due to their many severe complications.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Worth It?

This particular cosmetic procedure is known to provide successful results. However, it also has its advantages and disadvantages.


  •       Prominent and perky bum
  •       You will get sets of youthful-looking derriere
  •       The fat used belongs to you
  •       The procedure involves liposuction that can provide greater contour on your butt and donor sites
  •       It also includes buttocks augmentation without butt implants
  •       The complications and risks involved are fewer



  •       There may be no donor site or the fat may be limited
  •       The fat survival rate may be under probability
  •       Healing of the wound can take up to four to six weeks
  •       You will be under stress of not sitting well for two to three weeks

So if you weigh the pros and cons of the Brazilian butt lift, you can decide for yourself whether the procedure is worth the effort and cost. 

The Best Brazilian butt lift Surgery Near Me

If you need the Brazilian butt lift and are looking for the best place to go, you can drop in at Premiere Surgical Arts. We have the best bbl doctor that can conduct a successful BBL Fat Transfer for you. You only need to dial us or contact us through email to schedule your appointment.


According to an experimental study, there is a significant new technique which can make the Brazilian butt lift surgery safer. The result of this new technique is posted in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

This study was commenced as a result of the many concerns regarding the safety of the Brazilian butt lift procedure by the BAAPS {British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons} and other societies. Due to the result of this study, the ban imposed on all their members from conducting a particular cosmetic procedure is lifted.

Brazilian butt lift is the process of augmenting and contouring the loins and lower back via liposuction. Also, it refers to the process of reinjecting the extracted fat into your buttocks to give you the lifted and larger look.

The new technique which is unveiled by this study is how to avoid serious complications by not injecting the transferred fat inside the gluteal muscle. According to the researchers, subcutaneous migration technique ensures that the injected fat does not spread out under or into the gluteal muscle. If the fat is injected inside the subcutaneous, it is quite safe.

For more information about the new standards of performing safe bbl surgery, feel free to visit Premiere Surgical Arts.

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