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Recovery Time for Nose Surgery

By March 10, 2019Cosmetic Surgery

Nose surgery is simply a surgical operation conducted on the nose to either improve its function or change its shape. Nose surgery is basically carried out for medical reasons, which include correcting breathing problems that have to do with the nose or correcting disfigurement that results from birth defects or trauma.

Nose surgery can also be undergone for cosmetic reasons – to alter the shape and appearance of the nose.

What Is Nose Surgery Houston?

Nose surgery, called nose job or Rhinoplasty, is the surgery performed to alter the nose either for a medical purpose (to improve its function) or cosmetic purpose (to alter its appearance and shape). Nose surgery can be performed to either increase or reduce the size of your nose, or to change the shape and size of your nostrils, the bridge, or the tip.

Are You Eligible for A Nose Surgery Houston?

To be eligible for nose surgery in Houston, you must be unhappy with either present appearance or shape of your nose and seek a way of improving it to fit the way you want. More so, to be eligible, you must have a good general physical health, you must be psychologically stable and above all, you must have realistic expectations.

But Would You Know If Your Expectations Are Realistic?

Foremost, you need to consult your doctor to discuss your expectations about nose surgery. Your doctor would ask you what gives you concern about your nose and what you would like to change about your nose, and how you would like to change it.

More so, your doctor would examine and evaluate the current state and structure of your nose to determine whether your expectations are realistic or not and whether the nose surgery will improve your facial aesthetics or not.

Deciding on a Nose Surgery Houston

Are you deciding on a nose surgery Houston? You need to schedule a consultation with the nose surgery doctor to discuss it. During the consultation, you need to discuss your goals, what bothers you about your nose, and what you would like to change about it.

Always remember that there is nothing like a perfect nose. The nose surgery can only improve your facial features and enhance your natural beauty. The nose surgery doctor would suggest to you the various nose changes that would enhance your appearance and make you face unique.

The nose surgery doctor would also examine your overall physical to determine if you are eligible. Your doctor should explain to you all the likely risks involved in the surgery, the expected nose surgery recovery time, and the total costs involved.

If you have an insurance plan, it may do you good to check with your insurance company in advance to know if your nose surgery procedure is covered or not. Most insurance companies don’t pay for surgical procedures that are undergone for cosmetic reasons. This will help you to know what percentage of the total cost would be paid for and how much you would need to pay out of your pocket – or maybe you would have to pay the total bill yourself.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Nose Surgery Houston

The nose surgery Houston follows an outpatient procedure i.e. the patient receives the treatment right in the hospital but does not stay overnight there. During the procedure, the patient will be given either a local or general anaesthesia. The general anaesthesia would make the patient stay unconscious and sleep all through the procedure. However, the local anaesthesia will only sedate the patient and numb the nose so that the patient can stay awake and relaxed during the procedure without feeling any pain.

During the procedure, the doctor would make cuts within the nostrils. In some severe cases, the doctor may have to make cuts across the base of the nose as well. After that. The doctor will reshape the inner bone of the nose and the cartilage to get the desired and more pleasing appearance.

Since nose surgery Houston involves such an intricate procedure, it is advisable that you get the nose surgery doctor to handle your Rhinoplasty.

Nose Surgery Recovery

After the nose surgery procedure, patients normally have to put on a nasal splint during the first week. Few hours after the nose surgery procedure, it is normal for the patient to experience some bruising and swelling around the eyes. This bruise and swelling should, however, begin to improve after the second or third day. Generally, the swelling and bruise shouldn’t last more than two weeks.

Afterward, expect a little swelling around your nose, which can possibly be noticed by only you and your doctor. This pain will take about six months to go away. After then, the new shape of your nose will become apparent. During the nose surgery recovery, it is important to avoid strenuous activities for about 3 to 6 weeks after the nose surgery. You may choose to return to your normal activities after 2 to 3 weeks of no recognizable signs of having undergone the nose surgery.

What Is a Structure Nose Job?

A structure nose surgery is a type of surgery where only a small amount of cartilage is removed from the nose. The final change in the shape of the nose is obtained by either adding cartilage grafts to the nose or by remoulding the existing cartilage. Since only a little amount of cartilage is removed in this procedure, this procedure maintains the structural strength of the nose. And by so doing, the shape and structure of the nose will be maintained as the nose heals.

Take Home

Nose surgery Houston is performed to alter the nose for either cosmetic reasons or for medical reasons. Cosmetic reasons include altering the shape and appearance of the nose to add to facial aesthetics. Medical reasons include altering the shape of the nose to improve its function.

Generally, nose surgery involves increasing or reducing the size of your nose, altering the shape and size of the nostrils, the bridge, or the tip. Nose surgery involves an intricate procedure and should, therefore, be handled by the nose surgery specialist for the result.

Altogether, the nose surgery recovery period should not exceed 6 months. During this period, some pain and discomfort may be felt but these should not last long and can be reduced by taking some over-the-counter painkillers.

To learn more about nose surgery or to find answers to your inquiry about nose surgery procedure, contact any of our professional surgeons today.

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