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Recovering From A Brazilian Butt Lift

By March 27, 2020Brazilian butt lift

Genetics is usually the determining factor f how a person’s proportion and shape will be. It determines how your body can store fat and your bone structure. If you embark on an exercise and a healthy diet, you can tone your muscles and gain a healthy weight. However, you will never remain happy with your flat buttock, which is shapeless, no matter your healthy lifestyle. Your only remedy is the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

If you want to have an attractive and well-proportioned body, the proportion and shape of your buttocks require butt enhancement surgery. A certified surgeon who is skilled in cosmetic surgery can use Brazilian butt lifts, which is a specialized fat transfer procedure to give you a rounder and fuller buttock contour.

However, most candidates of this plastic surgery have so many questions they need answers to, including; the fat transfer to buttocks recovery time and process. Well, you don’t need to worry about your fat transfer to buttocks recovery time even though special modifications are necessary during recovery. The most recovery period you can expect is about 4 to 4 weeks before you can be up to your game again.


How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The fat transfer to buttocks recovery does not require much time, most especially; if you can adhere to all the post-operative recovery and care instructions provided by your butt augmentation specialist. You can say that the recovery period for the fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks is up to 10 or 14 days maximum. However, the Brazilian butt lift near me advises all the candidates to follow all the available post-operative instructions given by the cosmetic surgery specialist to enable a healthy recovery as well as to quicken the recovery period.

After the Brazilian butt lift results, every candidate is expected to exhibit temporary soreness, numbness, bruising, and swelling. Most of the time, the fat transfer to buttocks recovery needs prescription of pain medication to relieve the overall discomfort which the patient is likely to feel.

Furthermore, the candidate is advised to wear the compression garment for about 7 or 14 days to minimize the swelling as well as prevent fluid pockets build-up. Moreover, wearing the compression material aids the shaping of your body part in which fat is extracted from. You should wear the garment all the time and only remove it for showering.

Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Hurt?

Most candidates who want to undergo the Brazilian butt lift surgery, show concerns regarding post-operative pains. Well, to alleviate your fears, experiencing some swelling, bruising, and pain after the plastic surgery is not unusual, especially during the first week after the procedure. However, your surgeon is likely to prescribe pain relief for you. As a result, any pain or discomfort you may feel will become lesser.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Worth It?

The fat transfer to buttocks recovery is so fast, and the Brazilian butt lift results so amazingly to worth all your effort and money. After the procedure, your derriere will become more perky, sensual, and prominent. Also, it will have a youthful look, and your fat is used for cosmetic surgery. What is more, you will gain great contour at the donor sites as well as your buttocks. Also, the complications and risks involved are minimal.

How much does A Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Most of the candidates who have visited the Brazilian buttock lift near me for the plastic surgery take the cosmetic surgery as a worthy investment. Most especially; since no matter the butt injections price, the butt enhancement surgery is for the improvement of their appearance and to enhance their self-confidence. However, how much do butt injections cost depends largely on your situation.

The average butt injections price at the fat transfer near me may be around $2,000 – $10,000, although several other factors can affect the butt injections price. For instance;

  •       Insurance coverage
  •       If you are undergoing any other cosmetic surgery together with the butt augmentation.
  •       If other accessories for the healing process such as compression garment included
  •       Recovery medications included
  •       Type of sedation and anesthesia used by the Best Brazilian butt lift surgeon.
  •       Your medical history and overall health
  •       The particular clinic and city you went for your Brazilian butt lift surgery
  •       The experience and expertise of the surgeon conducting the butt enhancement surgery.
  •       The particular butt implant procedure of your choice


What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a fat transfer procedure that can bring your buttocks into shape. The plastic surgery enhances the size and shape of the particular area you need it so that the area can suit your overall figure and also give you an attractive appearance. How these lifting procedure works are by fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks. Also, it takes fat from any other area of your body, such as the abdomen, thighs, back, and hips.

The cosmetic surgery may hurt for a little time, but with the appropriate post-operative guidance, you can go back to normal.

How Can One Prepare For A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

If you are a candidate of the Brazilian butt lift surgery, you can prepare for the cosmetic surgery as follows;

  •       Ensure your diet is healthy
  •       Stock up on extra supplies
  •       Practice your relaxation techniques
  •       Always do your workout routine
  •       Avoid smoking

You can get more information on how to prepare for the Brazilian butt lifts at Premiere Surgical Arts.


Is Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

The answer is yes, it is! What the procedure is a fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks. The best Brazilian butt lift, which is performed by the board-certified specialist, is quite safe. This particular fat transfer procedure is successful with little or no complication whatsoever.

The highest risk and complication that can occur with this procedure is fat or pulmonary embolism that is; blood clot, and 1% of the patients may suffer anemia. Moreover, the fat used in plastic surgery is your fat, which minimizes the likelihood of rejection.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Near Me

Most candidate of the lifting procedure is usually worried about the fat transfer to buttocks recovery time. Well, you don’t need to worry about such things if you can get the best Brazilian butt lift. Your only assurance of getting  one of the best Brazilian butt lift results is at Premiere Surgical Arts, the number one Brazilian butt lift near me. If you don’t want complications and taking risks, dial us or email our specialists. You will never regret making this worthy investment in your appearance.


Brazilian buttock lift procedure is a trendy and popular cosmetic surgery that can deliver amazing contouring and enhancement to your physical appearance. Unlike the butt implants which use artificial materials, the Brazilian but lift makes use of its fat. The fat is harvested from donor sites on your body, purified, and transferred back to your butt.

The best Brazilian butt lift can provide you with the shape and volume of buttocks you desire. However, the biggest problem with this procedure is linked to the recovery period and downtime. Similar to many other cosmetic surgeries, you must take care of your post-operative treatment with the Brazilian butt lift.

After the surgery, you may not be able to sit down for about 14 days. You can only lie on your stomach or sleep on your sides. That is to enable the back area to heal completely. Furthermore, your bottom is likely to swell up for some weeks after surgery, and when you avoid using them, you are hastening the healing process.

At the initial stage, you may have to undergo more than one surgery before you can achieve your expected result. Even, it may take you around six months before you can actualize your dream result. Overall, the recovery from the effects of this procedure can take you months, depending on your situation.

If you want to know more about the recovery from a Brazilian butt lift, you can visit any Premiere Surgical Arts centers today.

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