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The first thing that may come to your mind when you think about the ageing process might be development of wrinkles and also sagging of skin. The neck however, is actually one of the first places to show our age.Droopingand loose skin, horizontal creases,vertical banding and hanging fat can begin to develop. If the extra skin on your neck seems to be significant, then it may be to go for a neck lift surgery. During a neck lift surgery, the skin is pulled up and back, and excess skin and fat are removed. Ina neck lift procedure, the incisions are hidden behind your ears and are inconspicuous. The result is a smoother, tauter neck that gives you a more youthful appearance. If you do want to go for neck surgery, you might have thoughts regarding how you will need to provide care before and after your surgery. Let’s discuss some of these tips.

Pre Care For Neck Lift Surgery

1. You should confirm with your doctor on any medication (particularly ibuprofen, aspirin, and aspirin containing medications) and also supplements that you should discontinue the use of in the weeks that lead up to your surgery. You will need to quit smoking (at least for now), because it has been proven that smoking can exacerbate any complications that may arise following surgery. You should however fill your prescription drugs including pain medication prescriptions.

2. You should set up a recovery station. Sleeping at an incline is usually recommended by most doctors for the first couple of weeks after operation.Soif you decide that you will be using a recliner, you should purchase a wedge-pillow or any other specialty pillow, or you should just reconfigure the bedding you are currently using to suit your needs.

3. You should make inquiries from your doctor so that you can know exactly what to expect. You can ask your doctor if they will be inserting drains or if they prefer that you wear a chin strap instead in order to prevent serom as and hematom as post op.

What is involved in a neck lift surgery generally isskin elevation away from the underlying muscle and then removing the fat that is in between the two layers. It is actually not compulsory to wear a chin strap afterwards but doing so will give you added security to assure you that the skin will appose to the underlying tissue and will also not sag as it healing.

In more recent times however, some doctors consider chin straps as being no longer relevant in neck lift surgery. Instead two Jackson-Pratt drains are practically employed in the postoperative period which will last for from between two to four days. The period is dependent upon the amount of fluid which is removed from the drains during this time.

4. You should make a provision for someone possibly a family member, to provide help to you at least within the first 24 to 72 hours post-op (they should also drive you home after your surgery). This is important because it may not be as easy you might imagine, to be able to keep track of your pain meds, carry out some other tasks, and make sure all is done according to plan until you’re healed.

5. You should make inquiries as regards to eating and drinking before the procedure. You will be required to stay off food and liquid if general anesthesia will be administered to you in the course of the neck surgery.

Post Care For Neck Lift Surgery

1. In order to prevent clots from happening in your legs, immediately after your surgery it will be advisable to be up and walking. You should also endeavour to get lots of rest and avoid doing things such as bending, lifting, applying strain or driving until your doctor deems you fit to carry out any of these tasks.

2. You should expect some bruises, swelling, and a bit of skin discoloration when recovering. Although within 3 weeks of the completion of the procedure you can expect to be presentable as is the case generally with most patients.

3. Avoid food such as pizza and also, avoid taking salt until the swelling subsides.

4. If you do have to use recliners, you should try to make sure your head is in an elevated position for at least between 7-10 days post neck lift surgery. It will allow for the reduction of bruises and also swelling and make you recover quickly. Specific advice will be given to you by your doctor as your exact case might require.

5. You should be exact in following the orders of your doctor. If you cannot comprehend certain things, you should ask for clarification. Meanwhile, your doctor will show you how you can care for incision, when to carry out personal tasks that can affect your surgery such as washing your hair, and also, when to attend future follow up appointments.

6. One last thing. You may not get to see the results of your procedure for up to many months, or even a year. But you should get excited anyway, because when you do start noticing the results you will be thrilled as you will agree that the procedure was worth it.

Who Are Considered Best Candidates For The Procedure

People that have a face or neck that is begun to sag but who at the same time have a measure of skin elasticity and a strong, well defined bone structure, usually turn out to be the candidates to undergo neck lift surgery. Although, most of the patients are within the age range of 40 – 60, older people I’mthier 70s and 80s have as well undergone a successful neck lift surgery. Your doctor will help to determine if a neck lift surgery will be good and perfect for your condition.

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