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Oral/Maxillofacial surgery in Boulevard Oaks

By May 15, 2019Oral Surgery

A breast lift surgery is all you need to improve your confidence and self-esteem and to finally achieve the body type you’ve always wanted. The breast lift surgery is a type of plastic surgery for breast reshaping that is meant to change and improve the shape of the breasts. A breast lift doesn’t change the size of breasts or restore the fullness and firmness of breasts that have been lost due to any reason such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast cancer treatment or any other surgery. However, if you are looking for those things as well, then you can opt for a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation as well. There are many decisions that the patient has to weigh in on when it comes to breast lift surgery, such as the type of implants, the location of incisions, and the shape desired. In order to better understand all the available options to decide from and to be better informed about the breast lift surgery process, breast lift surgery before and after images are a must. These breast lift surgery before and after images help to visualize the benefits and the result of the lift plastic surgery, which helps patients in making better decisions knowing what they are agreeing to.To learn more about the breast lift surgery, such as how is breast lift surgery done or how much does a breast lift cost, continue reading on.

Benefit of breast lift surgery before and after images

When it comes to breast lift surgery, the patient needs to be able to see the results so they can better understand what they’re signing up for and can also get a reference against which they can better explain their requirements and desires. For this to happen, the way is to use breast lift surgery before and after images so that patients can easily visualize the surgery and how they will look at the end of it. If you’re confused and wondering what are breast lift surgery before and after images, then worry not because the answer is here. Breast lifts surgery before and after images are a set of plastic surgery images taken before and after the lift surgery.

The pictures show what the breasts previously looked like and how they have improved by the end of the cosmetic surgery by comparing the old pictures to the newer breast images. The after breast images are taken once the bruises and swelling on the breasts has gone away so that a clearer result can be seen. It is important to mention here that all the breast lift surgery before and after images are used with the consent of the patients and their identities are kept classified. The breast lifts surgery before and after images are used only discreetly and for the utmost professional reasons by the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgery images do help many make better-informed decisions about their breast reshaping and lift plastic surgery.

How is breast lift surgery done?

The breast lift surgery procedure starts with a review of your medical history and a physical examination to determine the treatment options most suitable for you. 

After this, you and your plastic surgeon will sit down to discuss your expectations – what results you are hoping for, what the risks and benefits are, why you want to opt for a lift plastic surgery. Then during the procedure, there are several techniques on how to remove the breast skin and reshape the breast tissue as desired. The plastic surgeon will start by making incisions where required. Excess breast skin will be removed, and the nipples will be relocated to a higher position for perkier shaped breasts. Once done, the plastic surgeon will bring the breast skin back together to close the incisions with stitches. The entire procedure takes around 2 hours to 3 hours on average, but the time may vary depending on the location of the incisions, the type of implants and the size of them. Once the breast lift surgery is complete, there will be bruising around the breasts, and they will be swollen, but all of this will go away soon. 


How much would a breast lift surgery cost you?

According to the American Society of cosmetic surgeons, on average a breast lift will cost you around $4,636. Other factors can also affect the cost, such as the expertise of the surgeon.

What is a breast lift? What results can I expect?

Breast lift surgery is a plastic surgery that improves the shape of the breasts. You can expect good results with firmer and fuller breasts after the breast lift.

What are the side effects of breast enlargement surgery?

Side effects of breast augmentation include swollen and bruised breasts during the recovery period and possible rejection of implants due to immune-related conditions.

How is breast surgery done?

Breast lift surgery is done surgically by making incisions on decided locations and then either injecting one’s fats into the breasts or through breast lift with implants.

What is the aftercare of breast implant surgery?

Aftercare of boob surgery includes resting for 5-7 days with no heavy lifting, wearing a surgical bra, using prescribed medication regularly and avoiding pressure on the breasts.

Do breast implants need to be replaced?

Yes, breast implants do need to be replaced because they can’t last forever and usually have a lifespan of 15 years, but can be replaced before due to ruptures or wrong position.

Is breast augmentation very painful?

Yes, breast augmentation is very painful, and that is why the surgery is done under general anesthesia, and medication is prescribed afterwards to reduce the pain.

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A breast lift surgery can help many women feel more confident and more comfortable in their bodies. It can also help restore breasts to their natural shape which may have been lost due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or many other reasons. The plastic surgery is aimed to change and improve the shape of the breasts through breast reshaping. Cosmetic surgery is one that requires a lot of input and decision making on the part of the patient. The decisions include things such as what type of implant to use (saline implant or silicone implant), the desired shape and the desired fullness hoped for after the breast lift. Since the procedure is one with so much input required, it becomes a responsibility of the plastic surgeon to make sure the patient is as well informed as can be to make the right decision. In order to do just that, breast lifts surgery before and after images are used. These images show the breast images before the plastic surgery and then compared those to the new breast images after the surgery, once the bruising and swelling goes away. This way, the patient can get a better understanding of what the result will look like, and this will help them better communicate their expectations and make better decisions. If you wish to see some breast lift surgery before and after images yourself in case you’re thinking of opting for a breast lift surgery, then book a consultation right now.

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