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Non Surgical Ways Of Lip Augmentation

By November 15, 2018Community
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A lot of people today hold the opinion that full and luscious lips accentuate youthfulness and femininity. That is why a great number of people keep searching for methods that can be employed to boost their lip volume. There is a variety of methods today that can be used to augment the lips, some of these methods are surgical such as fat transfers while others are nonsurgical. Since our focus is on the nonsurgical methods of lip augmentation, let’s take a look at some of the methods that can be used to achieve this.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are injections just like collagen that are applied to the top and bottom lips in order to augment the lips and increase their volume. There is a wide variety of fillers which includes; Voluma, Restylane, Prelane, Juvederm and Prelane, just to mention a few. Lip augmentation is an out-patient process in which your facial balance and lips will be examined in the course of consultations in order to ascertain the symmetry and shape of your lips. The part of your lips that requires augmentation will be determined by your doctor based on the results.

It is possible to get a temporary lip augmentation. In this case, it is recommended that the product to be used should contain lidocaine as it will give a numbing effect on the lips. In about 30 minutes time or even less the process should have been completed. So even for very busy folks, the treatment can be completed within your break hours at work. Since it’s temporary in this case, the treatment can only last for about 8 months.

Enhancing the Lips With Collagen

Collagen injection treatments have proven to be a tried and trusted nonsurgical method to attain lip augmentation. The procedure is quite simple as synthetic collagen is just injected into the lips to give the lip volume and also to make it softer. There is likely to be a slight swell following the injection but applying make up can do the trick of covering it up. It’s not a surprise that a lot of patients can immediately resume their normal duties after receiving the treatment.

The two types of collagen derived from humans that is safe for use in lip augmentation ate Cosmoderm and Cosmop last. They are also a good choice to treat other defects in the face such as scars and wrinkles as the case may be. High rates of allergic reactions used to be recorded when animal-driven collagen injections were used but these collagen formulas have replaced them with good effects coming to play. This because both Cosmoderm and Cosmp last formulas are human based so this makes them very biocompatible without a need to worry about allergies.

If you collagen is your choice for lip augmentation, there is a probability that you will have to pay your doctor regular visits for touch-ups. This will keep your lips in top shape as the fullness and softness will be maintained. This method of lip augmentation can last for up to 5 to 6 months after treatment. They are not as popular as hyaluronic acid lip fillers in recent times though.


The nonsurgical methods of lip augmentation exceed the use of injections as in the case of using collagen or hyaluronic acid fillers. There are also natural ways to give a boost to the appearance of the lips. Let’s discuss some of these methods below.

Application of Cinnamon Essential Oil

A major ingredient that is used in over the counter lip plumpers is cinnamon essential. Cinnamon essential oil can stimulate the capillaries found in the lips and also boost the flow of blood to give the lips a fuller and more alluring look. It is therefore advisable to add a bit of cinnamon essential oil to your lip gloss or lip balm. You might experience a little tingling or burning sensation as you apply it but the feeling will quickly pass away and you will get that lip augmentation you desire.

Brushing and Exfoliation of Your Lips

Brushing your lips when you brush your teeth can have good effects on your lips. Doing so will ensure that there is an elimination of the dead skin cells, and that blood flow is stimulated which will, in turn, enhance the lips making your lips become smoother and plumper. If you wish to attain a better result, putting some Vaseline or honey on your brush can do the trick.

Exfoliating your lips on a regular basis can also boost your lips volume. This can be done by application of a mixture containing sugar, water and a bit of moisturizing oil to your lips to massage it. After the message has been done properly, you should wipe the mixture off and then apply any gloss of your choice.

Use of Natural Remedies Rather Than Chemical Lip Plumpers

The natural ingredients and essential oils that you need to make your own lip plumpers can be accessed in your home. You may not get a long lasting result as would be obtained when using natural plumpers as opposed to chemical plumpers, but what you are sure to get with natural plumpers are better volume and softer lips. Your natural plumper can also be applied at your convenience as you can carry it along with you to any destination.

Use of Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil works in the same way as cinnamon oil by boosting blood circulation which in turn allows additional blood to reach the lip surface. This will make your lips to slightly swell while also producing a cooling effect on your lips. A drop or two of the cooling oil should be mixed with a teaspoon of petroleum jelly for good results. This mixture should be applied as your normal lip balm.

Cayenne Pepper Essential Oil

A drop or two of cayenne pepper essential oil should be mixed with your preferred lip balm. You can also produce yours at home by mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil, twenty drops of almond oil and two drops of cayenne pepper essential oil together with 1/3 tablespoon of liquefied cocoa. Alternatively, applying a mixture of small amounts of ground cayenne pepper with some water on your lips can add some volume to your lips as well. This is one of the natural ways to attain nonsurgical lip augmentation.

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