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Eyebrows are such a prominent feature it’s no wonder people spend so much time, money and effort perfecting them with pencils, gels, powders and stencils. Well, now you can bid your routine farewell thanks to eyebrow microblading, a semi-permanent solution to thin or sparse brows. Sometimes referred to as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, 3D brows or micropigmentation, microblading is a type of tattoo artistry that involves implanting pigment under the skin using a special handheld tool that features a fine blade with a series of micro-needles. Each individual stroke is made one at a time for results that are incredibly natural looking.

Because microblading is done with a manual tool and not a tattoo gun and the pigment has an iron oxide base and isn’t deposited as deep into the skin, we’re able to mimic the look of real hairs. While permanent makeup often fades into unnatural colors and can make brows appear as if they were drawn on with a marker, these semi-permanent brows have dimension and fade softly over time. The smudge-proof results don’t require upkeep and can last up to three years depending on your lifestyle and skin.


of Eyebrow Microblading

A semi-permanent solution for sparse eyebrows that looks completely natural

Can be customized to define, fully recreate or fill in eyebrows or to add a bit of an arch

No downtime or daily upkeep required and you’ll see results immediately




Our experienced microblading technician will evaluate your eyebrows and chat with you about your aesthetic goals including your preferred shape and color. The customized procedure takes about two hours total since it requires meticulous attention to detail. We start by drawing the shape using a pencil to ensure your eyebrows will complement your face. To make you as comfortable as possible, we then apply a topical numbing cream to dull any sensation. While everyone is different, most patients don’t experience discomfort and say it feels as if they’re being scratched lightly. Once the anesthetic works its magic, we kick off the actual microblading. We dip the microblade into the pigment and make fine strokes one by one to deposit the pigment under the skin for natural, gorgeous eyebrows. You’ll see the results immediately. We usually recommend a follow-up treatment about one year after your initial procedure to keep the color and strokes looking crisp.


Pre- + Post-

Procedure Care

The week before your microblading session, stop using retinol and don’t schedule any intense treatments including chemical peels and microdermabrasion. About three days prior, avoid prolonged sun exposure or waxing. In the 24 hours leading up to your appointment, stay away from aspirin, ibuprofen and alcohol as these can increase bleeding.


There’s no downtime but following the aftercare instructions will give you the best results possible. Right after microblading, your eyebrows will probably be slightly red and swollen but it’s mild and you won’t need to hide away while they heal. For the rest of the day post-procedure, dab the area with distilled water using a clean cotton ball every few hours. After the first day, gently clean your eyebrows for about 10 seconds using a mild, antibacterial cleanser and then rinse thoroughly. Blot your eyebrows completely dry with a tissue. Once dry, apply a small amount of the aftercare ointment to the treatment area. Do this process twice a day for the first week. By week two, you can stop using the ointment but continue with the cleansing routine in the morning and before bed. For two weeks after your treatment, avoid:

  • Touching your eyebrows, except when cleansing and applying ointment, and scratching or picking at any peeling skin
  • Using makeup, sunscreen or moisturizer around the treatment area
  • Exfoliating
  • Products with glycolic acid, lactic acid, AHA or retinol
  • Laser treatments, chemical peels or waxing
  • Sun exposure
  • Sweaty workouts or sports activities
  • Long, hot showers or baths, swimming or saunas
  • Heavy drinking since it slows healing

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