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Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe

By January 12, 2019Cosmetic Surgery

We can’t dispute the fact that cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedure is increasingly popular with the millennial generation but have you asked yourself the vital questions.

In some instances, individuals have been known to perform all kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures just to attain the body in their imagination. However, with all the technology and safety measures put in place to ensure that each procedure goes well and patient survival rate remains on the high side, one is posed to ask; is cosmetic surgery safe?

No surgical procedure is whether cosmetic or reconstructive is 100 percent safe; there are always bound to be complications resulting from many misses along the way. To ensure that patient safety is attained, proper research on the doctor and facility needs to be made by new patients which include talking to patients that have undergone cosmetic surgery at the clinic.

Is cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery the same?

We had to add this in because most people think it’s the same, but they are not. Cosmetic surgery is as the name implies – procedures that are performed to improve the overall appearance or appeal of the body. Cosmetic surgery procedures are surgeries like breast enhancement, augmentation, lifts or reduction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, body contouring, fillers, Botox, butt lift, etc.

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, involves the restructuring or rearrangement of part of the body part to bring it back to normal like fixing a cleft lip, drooping face, trauma victims, burns or any dysfunctional areas in the body.  Even though most cosmetic surgeons are also a plastic surgeon, it is always good to know that a doctor performing cosmetic surgery on your first career line is as a cosmetic surgeon and not a plastic surgeon.

The risk of cosmetic surgery procedure

The health risk associated with cosmetic surgery procedure includes excessive bleeding, high risk of infection, poor healing and poor recovery condition, failure to be correctly educated on the surgical process, loss of sensation in the region, and anesthesia risks. However, as popular as these risks are, they can be combated by a certified surgeon and facility.

In additional to the regular risks encountered, other risks are scarring (sometimes making the whole cosmetic surgery a waste of time and money), result not as anticipated or been overwhelmed by the change. However these are just the risks that are noticeable, patients also undergo mental and emotional risk. Patients have been known to suffer from self-induce stress, insomnia, inability to manage the pain, swelling and in worst case scenario depression.

So one is tempted to ask is cosmetic surgery safe and if it is; how one does ensure that they get through it without experiencing too many risks.

To answer the above, yes cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures are safe. However, like any other invasive procedure, one cannot but weigh the risks involved with changing the physical structure of the human body or dabbling with the underlying network of veins, arteries, tissues, and muscles.

We have to understand that safety measures can be taken by following measures to increase the safety of a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Listen to the doctor

Patients come in for unbelievable cosmetic surgery demands either requesting procedures from a magazine or demands that is not suitable for their body type and structure. As a patient, it is important to listen to your surgeon as to how the change will or will not suit your body including the risk that might occur when your body and skin is pushed beyond the limits. For example, coming in for large boobs when clearly you don’t have space for it can translate into chest pain, change in posture and spinal deformation among others.

Perform all post-surgical tests

To increase the safety of a cosmetic surgery procedure, the patient must be ready to perform all tests and disclose the true nature of their medical history by presenting all the records to their cosmetic surgeon.

The medical record includes if they are on any medications, prescription they are currently on or just off post the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Patients are also expected to discuss any health hazard, allergies or health condition with their true age to the doctors. The surgeon, in turn, should ensure that a comprehensive physical and emotion test on the patient.

Patients with one or more of the listed problems are advised against cosmetic surgery by a good doctor. They are morbidly obese patients, cancer or underwent chemotherapy recently or currently, an issue with blood clotting, used or is using oral contraceptives, smoke or drug addict, suffered a seriously traumatic experience or has a problem with their heart or lungs.

Conduct research about the doctors and the facility

Just like a product review, having a doctor or facility with 100 percent positive review from patients is a red flag if you are going for a cosmetic surgery procedure. Even if your procedure is legit, your customer service or recovery process must have some kind of flaw. The truth is you can please everyone, and hence facilities with overly successful reviews should be avoided.

Your surgeon must be certified

The country is made up of medical board and societies that certified a cosmetic surgeon or a facility. So to prevent falling into the wrong hands and reducing your risk of cosmetic surgery procedure always ensure the surgeon is certified by the American board of plastic surgery and they are in practice and can be backed by former patients.

So to answer your question again; yes, cosmetic surgery and procedures can be safe in the right hands with the right doctor performing it. You also have to weigh the risk involved if you defy the advice of a certified doctor and seek procedures in the hands of a quack; then you would bear the consequences alone.

With all the risks involved with cosmetic surgery procedure, having the right doctor and recovery facility is of paramount importance. At Premiere Surgical Arts, patient safety and comfort is our utmost priority, and with decades of experience, we have proven to be not only the surgeons but the safest too.

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