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How Much Does a Neck Liposuction cost

By February 21, 2019Cosmetic Surgery

Why bother to do a neck exercises when you can walk into the doctor’s office and get a well-defined jawline in a matter of minutes. People don’t think that certain plastic surgery procedures are possible but thanks to technology and specialist doctors fat is removed from all areas including the neck region.

There is nothing like a smooth, slim, slender neck, it makes you look sassy, sexy and youthful. You know a slim neckline changes your overall appearance but to you know how much this procedure cost?

What is the cost of neck liposuction?

Usually, a neck liposuction procedure is done in combination with other procedures that help provide that definition of the entire face. Full neck liposuction cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000 dollars.

  • Neck liposuction cost for people that want to remove excess fat in the neck and chin area cost $2000 to $4000 and depends on the technique employed and extent of the surgery.
  • Patients that want to undergo a cervicoplasty which is removing excess skin in the neck area and re-draping the skin for a smoother and smoother appearance will have to pay $3000 to $5000 for the procedure.
  • Patients that undergo this procedure but want to tighten their neck muscle to ensure the overall appearance and contour of the neck; a process called platysmaplasty will pay more. Most times patients that want this procedure also have to undergo cervicoplasty and hence this cost about $6000 to $10,000 depending on the facility and your neck anatomy.

Remember though that these prices may vary depending on the location of the facility and the surgeon in question.

Candidates ready for this procedure should also know that most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance and should discuss with their doctors a suitable payment method prior to the procedure.

Who is a candidate for neck liposuction to remove fat?

  • People with dangling skin under their neck
  • People with weak neck muscles or poor skin elasticity and contraction
  • People that just lost weight and want a tighter firmer contoured face
  • People who want one or more facial lift surgeries done.

What is the procedure for neck liposuction?

A neck contouring is the removal of fat from the neck region to create a defined neckline but this process also involves other tiny alterations for a straighter neckline. The doctor also deals with smoothening out wrinkles and flab for a more dramatic look that instantly removes years from your age. The neck liposuction for fat removal is done through the following procedure.

Neck liposuction Steps

The patient books an appointment with Premiere Surgical Arts facility and consults with one of the doctors. You are examined and certified a candidate for the procedure after all the boxes check out and a date is fixed.

Day of the procedure: the doctor numbs the area, and makes an incision below the chin where the excess fat will suck out from using a cannula. The same procedure is applied to a regular liposuction technique.

The neck liposuction procedure is most cases go together with a neck lift. Once the fat has been extracted from the neckline, loose skin can be seen hanging which is not attractive.

The Neck Lift Procedure

When undergoing a neck life, the doctor has to consider your age and the amount of skin. For a younger patient, the skin is small than for a lady or guy aged 50 and above. If you want this procedure after a neck removal fat liposuction, the doctor has two options – a cervicoplasty (to remove excess loose skin) or a platysmaplasty (to tighten loose muscles in the neck region).

Both of these procedures are cosmetic procedures to give you a better-looking neckline. In this situation, the surgeon numbs the area, makes a small incision behind the ears and chin. These points are from where the skin will be pulled back. This will help tighten the skin and muscle to create a younger look. After the operation, a drain bag is attached to collect fluid and blood but is removed after a day or two.

Recovery time for a neck lift

As with all surgeries, the recovery time depends on the individual and the type of procedure done on the patient. Typically, the patients attain full healing and the ability to move their neck around without pain after two weeks of the surgery but will notice significant tightness after days of the surgery.

During the healing process, patients will experience swelling and bruising which are common with all liposuction procedure. Please do keep the post-operation garment on during healing as this helps to hasten the recovery process.

Neck liposuction Combination

If and when you decide to go for a neck liposuction procedure, performing a neck fat removal alone will not yield the desired result. Most neck lipo procedure is combined with, a chin augmentation, a facelift, and a nose job. You don’t have to do all but a facelift and chin are part of enhancing the general appearance of your face.

Benefits of a neck liposuction

  • Removes excess fat deposits and sculpts the neck to a more defined structure
  • Excellent procedure for elderly and less invasive
  • Gives a more natural look to the neck
  • Less scarring due to tiny incision as compared to other surgical procedure
  • Give you a youthful appearance in an instant
  • Fat removed will not come back again
  • Tightens skin and muscles easily

Undergoing for neck liposuction for fat removal is a very delicate procedure that needs a good doctor or facility to eliminate that double chin that most women especially ladies battle with. To have the opportunity of getting the neckline of your dream means Premiere Surgical Arts facility did the procedure for you.

For patients looking to tightening or eliminate loose and sagging neckline through neck liposuction, then visit www.premieresurgicalarts.com today for a consultation with one of our renowned medical personnel who will gladly talk you through the process and answer all your questions to give you an excellent procedure at the end of it all.

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