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How Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Done? Cosmetic Surgery in Greenway

The Brazilian butt lift is a surgical process that utilizes your body fat to create higher, fuller, and rounder buttocks for you without the need for implants. Buttock Augmentation with Fat Injection is a specialized procedure of fat transfer to hips and buttocks. The process involves the removal of excess fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, or lower back through liposuction fat transfer.

Then the surgeon will proceed to use a particular portion of the removed fat to inject it into your buttocks strategically. If you are under an expert cosmetic surgeon, he/she can enhance the entire proportion of your lower body through the Brazilian butt lift procedure. This fat transfer buttock augmentation can help you lose fat that packed in specific problematic zones in your body. It can also improve the looks of your buttocks with results that can last you for many years to come.

However, due to the recent reports about the death of patients through the Brazilian butt lift fat transfer, some people are saying that the cosmetic procedure is dangerous. That is why if you have to undergo such procedure, you need to go to experts in the field. That is where you can meet professionals who are qualified and certified carry out a successful liposuction fat transfer.

Is Brazilian butt lift worth it?

There is no doubt that anyone who wants to embark on a fat transfer surgery will be riddled with many worries and questions. The Buttock augmentation with fat injection is an ideal way to get a prominent and perky derriere as well as a greater sensuous body profile.

However, the liposuction fat transfer comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.


  •       You will get prominent and perky buttocks
  •       Your buttocks will look youthful
  •       Your body fats which are harvested from other parts of your body will be used
  •       There is nothing like butt implants instead you will get augments buttocks
  •       The process involves liposuction, and it is the ideal method of contouring your donor sites as well as buttocks
  •       Complications and risks are minimal with lipo fat transfer


  •       The sites for the fat donor are limited or not in existence
  •       The fat transplanted are may die
  •       Healing of the wound may require from 4 to 6 weeks
  •       You are not likely to sit properly for 2 to 3 weeks

With these lists of pros and cons, you can weigh both of them and decide for yourself whether the Brazilian Butt Lift is worth the effort and risks or not.

Is Brazilian butt lift safe?

The Brazilian butt lift or gluteal augmentation technique has improved significantly as well as its results. Research shows that due to the damage to veins that are superficial to gluteus muscles, fat embolism occurs. Moreover, such fat is injected intramuscularly to gain a successful aesthetic outcome. There is a recent study that shows that the outcome of Brazilian butt lift can be successful if carried out under local anesthesia and safety concerns are taking care of. There never have to be any death or complications.

To answer the question, the Brazilian butt lift is quite safe if it is performed by an expert in the field who is qualified and licensed. Also, when it is performed with sterile surgical and operating instruments, it is safe. Also, it is quite safe if fat is used instead of fillers and silicone injectables.

What are the ways to get a Bigger Bum and Wider hips?

The safest way you can use to get bigger bum, and wider hips are through exercise. However, if you are looking for the fastest way, you can look up Imodstyle Bigger Butt Fast. There are testimonials that show that it can take only 21 days to happen if you can follow the guide judiciously.

Other options are cosmetic and improved posture options, such as clothing and the Brazilian butt lift.

You should bear in mind, though that changing the shape of your body takes time and hard work. If you want to build the butt, you need to carry out muscle-building workouts to build up your glutes, which are the 3 muscles that make up a person’s rear.

How Long Does Fat Transfer Last?

The results of fat transfer are permanent. That is if everything is as it should be. The technique which is used in fat harvesting is crucial to the survival of the fat. However, it is not all the fat transplanted that survives. Even when the surgeon follows a straightforward fat transfer, the procedure is quite tricky. It is only a certified board of plastic surgeons can get the procedure right. They are the people who have the expertise and skill to get the procedure right.

To answer the question, any portion of fat which is transferred from one part of the body to the other needs reabsorbing by the body. The fat which remains after the first healing process, which can take up to 3 months after the fat transfer surgery, is regarded as permanently transplanted. According to the doctor’s advice and details, if you take proper care of your butt, your fat transfer and buttock augmentation can achieve greater life expectancy. There is a need for you to take appropriate precautions after undergoing fat transfer surgery.

Where to get Affordable Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

The harvesting of fat is a tricky and risky process, and as a result, it needs a good surgeon who is qualified and certified. Getting such a person may prove expensive and complicated, thus making some patients look for cheaper alternatives that are fatal. However, you can get Affordable Fat Transfer to Buttocks at Urbn Dental. The experts here will make sure that the fat they pick out is the appropriate donor for transfer. Also, they will ensure that you don’t have to undergo numerous procedures to get it right but just that one procedure. So if you have decided to go for the Brazilian butt lift, you can contact us or visit our official site https://www.premieresurgicalarts.com  for more details and information.

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