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Halloween Inspiration: Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes from 2017

By October 12, 2018Community

What’s not to love about Halloween? You have the chance to tap into your creative side, get completely decked out and go celebrate. Given that celebrities already have amazing wardrobes and pretty much unlimited resources, they tend to come up with some stellar costumes for the occasion. With Halloween quickly approaching, the team here at Premiere Surgical Arts thought we’d give you some costume inspiration by recapping the celebrity costumes from last year.

  1. Ariel Winter’s Fifth Element Costume – Ariel Winter’s Fifth Element getup got a lot of press and it’s up there when it comes to sexy Halloween costume ideas. The Modern Family star attended Matthew Morrison’s annual Halloween party dressed as Milla Jovovich’s character in the late-90s, sci-fi film. She rocked an orange wig, a white one-piece and shorts with cutouts and platform sneakers. Her boyfriend Levi Meaden dressed as Bruce Willis’ character. This could make for a really simple DIY Halloween costume that still has a ton of impact.
  2. Heidi Klum as Michael Jackson in the “Thriller” Music Video  – The Queen of Halloween Heidi Klum looks fantastic all year round but she takes things up a notch for her favorite holiday. While we see a lot of sexy celebrity Halloween costumes, she doesn’t always go that route and instead opts for intricate, over-the-top ensembles. Remember her 2013 costume when she was a very convincing elderly woman? Heidi Klum’s 2017 Halloween costume was just as inventive. She was Michael Jackson in the “Thriller” video during his werewolf transformation. She wore a crazy mask, a letterman jacket and even traveled with her own group of zombies.
  3. Kelly Sawyer and Jessica Alba as Juno – When thinking up Halloween costume ideas while pregnant,  celebs like Jessica Alba are the perfect example of how incorporating the baby bump into the costume is the way to go. The Honest Company co-founder and actress and her BFF model Kelly Sawyer attended Kelly Rowland’s Halloween bash as Juno and the baby’s father Paulie from the movie. A pregnant Jessica Alba wore combat boots, a skirt, a hoodie and a striped t-shirt almost exactly like Ellen Page’s character, while Sawyer sported Paulie’s track uniform complete with the high socks.
  4. Cardi B as Cruella de Vil – Cardi B celebrated at the Bacardi Halloween party as Cruella de Vil. She wore a black top and pants along with a huge black and white fur coat, a black and white wig and long red gloves. But this isn’t one of the celebrity Halloween costumes from 2017 because of the costume itself, it’s the fact she brought an actual Dalmatian with her. That’s dedication and it really completed the look.
  5. Kim Kardashian West and Jonathan Cheban as Sonny and Cher – Kim Kardashian and her close friend Jonathan Cheban replicated Sonny and Cher’s outfits from the 1973 Academy Awards at the Cosamingo Annual Halloween Party, which had a 70s theme. Cheban wore a burgundy suit that was almost an exact match for Sonny Bono’s and had his iconic hair and mustache too. Kim’s belly-baring, custom two-piece costume was also nearly identical to Cher’s, as was her long, black wig.
  6. Beyoncé as Lil Kim – Leave it to Beyoncé to give us not just one but five Halloween costume ideas all inspired by Lil Kim’s famous looks from the 90s and early 2000s. She wore the fur-trimmed, sheer bodysuit with a long blonde wig that Lil Kim wore to the Source Hip-Hop Music Awards, the blue wig with the Chanel logo stenciled on it, the lime green stage outfit from Puff Daddy’s No Way Out Tour in 1997, the outfit with Chanel suspenders from Missy Elliot’s “The Rain” music video and, finally, the silk negligee and fur shawl from an editorial shoot in Today’s Black Woman circa 2000. Beyoncé absolutely nailed it but would you expect anything less? And as she’s shown firsthand, Lil Kim’s fashion history is a great place to start when drumming up sexy Halloween costume ideas.
  7. Lady Gaga as Edward Scissorhands – Lady Gaga’s Edward Scissorhands costume was epic. She looked so much like Johnny Depp’s character down to the pale skin, leather outfit, wild black hair, facial scars and, of course, terrifying scissor hands. Rami Malek, the Mr. Robot actor, also stepped out in an Edward Scissorhands costume. Though he gives Gaga a run for her money, her scissors were a little more authentic, so we’re giving this one to her. If you’re trying to recreate the look for a DIY Halloween costume though, blades that are a little less sharp more like Rami Malek’s are your bet.
  8. Demi Lovato as Selena – Last, but not least, in our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes from 2017 is Demi Lovato as Selena. She wore one of Selena Quintanilla’s signature looks, a jumpsuit with a hint of sparkle. Her wig was also spot-on. She definitely paid tribute to the beloved singer.

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