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Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer

By January 16, 2020Brazilian butt lift

Have you ever wondered if there is a way for you to remove the fat that has accumulated where you don’t want it to the place you want it to be? If so, the answer to your problem is called the Brazilian butt lift.

Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that is performed by the Best BBl Surgeon Near Me. He/she applies cosmetic surgery to remove the excess fat where they are not needed for fat transfer. The good news about the Brazilian butt lift procedure is that it makes use of your own fat cells.

It is your own fat cells that will be injected into the buttocks during the butt lift surgery. The Brazilian butt lift results are known to be successful especially if the fat grafting is performed by the Best bbl Surgeons near me at a reputable clinic.

The fat transfer to buttocks is the best cosmetic procedure that can sculpt your butt to give you the best-desired butt lift appearance you ever wished for. That is; in case a novice asks you what is a Brazilian butt lift.

In fact, the benefits of the Brazilian bum lift and butt lift results can never be overemphasized. You need to read more about the tummy tuck and BBL to know more.

What does BBL mean in Cosmetic Surgery?

In cosmetic surgery, the term bbl is the short form for Brazilian butt lift otherwise a cosmetic procedure for fat transfer called gluteoplasty. This butt lift surgery involves fat cells injected into the buttocks for buttock augmentation.

During this cosmetic surgery, excess fat is removed from many different areas on your body like; abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, flanks, bra rolls, mid-back, and armpit through fat grafting to augment your butt fat.

The excess fat which is removed is carefully purified and processed through centrifugation and decanting. After that, the appropriate donor fat cells will be injected into the buttocks.

This cosmetic surgery which is performed by the Best bbl Surgeons Near me is your best option to your desired tummy tuck and bbl enhancement. 

Is Brazilian butt Lift Safe?

The cosmetic surgery of removing excess fat from a particular spot and the fat cells injected into the buttocks may seem simple. However, in reality, the cosmetic procedure is quite complex. For you to get the successful butt lift results, these Brazilian butt lift procedures have to be performed by the Best BBL Surgeons near me.

It is the best bbl surgeon who has the perfect training, specific experience, and hands-on-deck experience of how the human body functions. Also, they know how to carry out a correct and safe Brazilian butt lift procedures.

However, due to the constant demand for the Brazilian bum lift procedures, surgeons who are not board-certified to carry out cosmetic surgery now perform the procedure. As a result of this situation, many patients who are hoodwinked by their false adverts of experience and low prices risk their lives.

But in answer to the question, the Brazilian butt lift is quite safe although it comes with its risk factors just like any other cosmetic surgery. The side effects which are most common are; infection around the treatment areas, pain, swelling, asymmetry, and bruising.

However, if you work with the best BBL Surgeons Near Me, who are certified by the board, experienced, and adhere to your after surgery instructions, the risks can be minimal. At least, Brazilian butt lift results are better and safer than that of other traditional butt implants. For instance; the Brazilian butt lift is safer than silicone injections which are banned in many different Countries due to their many severe complications.   

Are there uses for the Human fat after a Liposuction?

In cosmetic surgery, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that involves invasive surgery. The procedure is used to remove excess fat deposits to reduce the volume or reshape some parts of your body. For instance; it is used to remove fat cells from under your chin, neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. This cosmetic procedure is also called lipoplasty, liposculpture, or lipectomy.

Making use of the excess fat which is removed during liposuction for other uses are only done in the movies. Moreover, anyone who tries such an act is performing an illegal act.

The fat cells which are unused after cosmetic surgery are treated as medical waste once the surgery is over. During cosmetic surgery, fat cells are harvested to be used immediately. It is used to fill the soft tissues of the hands, buttocks, breasts, face, etc. It can also serve as stem cells that are used for treating various problems. Apart from this immediate use of fat cells during surgery, there is no other legalized use for them.

Why is the Brazilian butt lift so Popular?

There are so many reasons why the Brazilian butt lift is so popular these days. Most especially; since celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez show off their super curvy derriere.

Precisely, there are two kinds of women that long for the buttock lift. The first kind of people is those who want the super curvy shapes of celebrities. The people who want to achieve this look will have to undergo buttock augmentation through fat injected into the buttocks to add volume to it.

The second kind of people that go for this cosmetic procedure is a bit modest in what they want. They are those women who are born without curves whose bottoms are flat. Some of them have droopy bottoms and lost volume. But through the Brazilian butt lift carried out by the Best BBL Surgeons Near Me, they can add volume to their backside thus having a butt lift. 

The Brazilian butt lift surgery near me

If you ever need to undergo cosmetic surgery for the Brazilian butt lift, you most likely need the Best BBL Surgeon near me. There is no better place to get successful butt lift results than at Premiere Surgical Arts. You only need to visit the fat transfer near me or call us to become a beneficiary. You can also log on to https://www.premieresurgicalarts.com to get more information regarding the success rate of the Brazilian butt lift procedures in Premiere Surgical Arts.


The Brazilian butt lift which is known generally as bbl in short form has become a popular cosmetic procedure in recent times. According to the reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s statistics in 2017, up to 20,301 people underwent buttock augmentation coupled with fat grafting.

Brazilian bum lift procedure is used to transfer excess fat from the areas where patients do not want them to where they want them. Through this particular cosmetic procedure, the board-certified surgeons can customize the extracted fat cells to reshape the patient buttocks. As a result, the area injected with these purified and processed fat cells will add volume as well as improving the body contours.

One significant advantage of the Brazilian butt lift is that it actually makes use of the person’s derived fat. As a result, the procedure has a lower chance of the body rejecting the re-injected fat since there are no foreign elements introduced to the body system. This cosmetic procedure does not provide a buttock lift surgery although it can be added with butt lift surgery to deliver additional volume within the lower bum.

For more information and insight about the best bbl surgeons near me and the Brazilian butt lift procedure, you can contact the best bbl doctor at Premiere Surgical Arts.

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