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Buttock lift – Fat Injections In Your Buttocks

By November 20, 2019Fat Injections

When people become older, their skin is likely to change to become looser. Furthermore, looser may also come as a result of genetic factors, weight fluctuations, and sun damage, which can cause poor quality skin elasticity. If such is the case, you need Fat Injections In Your Buttocks. These factors are the causative agents of buttocks and other parts of your body sagging. Buttock lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that a board-certified plastic surgeon uses to improve your buttocks appearance. 

Sometimes this procedure involves Fat Injections In Your Buttocks or stomach to butt fat transfer. It may also be a lift of your lower body to enable the board-certified plastic surgeon to contour your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Ordinarily, buttock lift procedure won’t increase the volume of your buttocks, but when it is added to buttocks augmentation with fat grafting does. It can transform the size and shape of your buttocks by augmentation with implants. 

You can get the surgeon for buttock augmentation with fat grafting at Premiere Surgical Arts, which is the fat grafting buttocks in Houston, TX. The board-certified plastic surgeons here can give you a Brazilian butt lift together with other contouring procedures for your body. 

Are there uses for Human Fats after a Liposuction?

Making use of removes fat after liposuction and fat transfer is possible, but it depends on the safety procedure used in removing it. Only a board-certified plastic surgeon or an expert in plastic surgery removes fat safely. If the fat grafting buttocks procedure is not overly disturbed, the remaining fat can serve as filler to other body parts.

The removes fat can work as your skin rejuvenator through nano fats that eliminate cleavage and dark circles. It can also improve your breast after the Fat Injections In Your Buttocks or Brazilian butt lift. The surgeon for buttock augmentation with fat grafting can even improve your old looks by injecting the removes fat into your face.

However, it is advisable to treat unused fat as a medical waste which is immediately discarded after surgery. 

What does BBL mean in Cosmetic Surgery?

In cosmetic surgery, BBL is the short form of the Brazilian butt lift procedure or gluteoplasty. First of all, the extra fat will be removed from various parts of your body, such as; your armpit, abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, flanks, bra rolls, and mid-back.

Then a board-certified plastic surgeon removes fat can be carefully purified and processed by centrifugation and decanting. After that procedure, the perfect donor fat cells will become the Fat Injections In Your Buttocks. They are re-injected into your butt to offer your desired enhancement. The surgeon for buttock augmentation with fat grafting at Premiere Surgical Arts can tell you everything you need to know about BBL and its meaning and procedures. You only need to call or contact us.  

Why is the Brazilian Butt Lift so Popular?

The buttock is like the breast in the sense that, as you become older, they tend to lose shape and droop. Moreover, both of them appear in many different sizes and shapes. While you can get a curvy one, there is also a bigger and droopy one. However, a breast lift is quite different from the micro fat grafting buttocks. A breast lift is all about cutting out the skin, rearranging the tissues of the breast, and actually lifting your breast.

As a result, the plastic surgeon can use anything there is to transform your breast, although it tends to leave you with a scar. However, the Brazilian butt lift procedure requires adding volume to your buttocks.

The fat Injections In your Buttocks adds volume to it, and as a result, your skin will tighten as well as lift up to fill your skin envelope. Formerly, this procedure, you can only get this result only through butt fat implants. But recently, the popular procedure now is buttock augmentation with fat grafting. That is, making use of your fat from different parts of your body, for instance, fat transfer from the stomach to butt or belly fat to butt.  

The reason for the popularity of butt lift is because most people, especially celebrities’, want to have a super curvy silhouette. Most especially; since Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez popularized super curvy shapes, almost every woman wants to have the same look. As a result, they resort to adding volume to either their breasts or buttocks.

Another reason for the popularity of butt lift is due to some modest women who only desire to have a little curvy shape. That is, those women who are naturally shapeless who has flat bottoms. Most of these people now have irregularities and dimples on the bottom. However, fat Injections In your Buttocks can help to shoot out the dimples back. That is, with volume, which the Brazilian butt lift adds to the buttocks.   

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

The answer to this question is yes, of course! The Brazilian butt lift is quite safe. That is if you are working with the surgeon for buttocks augmentation with fat grafting. After all, the procedure is all about stomach to butt transfer or any other part of your body. It involves taking your fat from one part of your body to the other.

The procedure is quite popular and can be safely carried out by a board-certified plastic surgeon. With such an expert, there is a lower chance of complication. But then, because everyone is currently demanding for the butt lift, even surgeons who are not qualified are now carrying out the procedure. Thus, it is making the morbidity rate for this procedure quite high.

As a result, the National Society created a task force to find out the reason for the high morbidity rate. The finding, in a nutshell, is that, when fat is transferred in little amounts, it is quite safe, and you have to remain superficial. However, if the surgery is done in large amounts, it is likely to go deeper into the muscle, and that is where the risk is.   

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Near Me

The Brazilian butt lift is not a procedure where one size can fit every person. The body of each patient is quite different from the other person, and so are their muscle and fat levels. As a result, what one patient finds safe may not be safe for another patient. Moreover, there is a higher complication level for fat Injection In your Buttocks. That is why; you need to go to the surgeon for buttock augmentation with fat grafting near you, which is at Premiere Surgical Arts. At least here, there are many testimonials from happy patients who received safe butt lifts as well as beautiful results. Feel free to call us or contact us through email to book an appointment.


Most women around the world these days are now dropping in at the office of plastic surgeon instead of hitting the gym to beef their behinds up. It is all thanks to stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jeniffer Lopez, etc. backsides, voluptuous booties are now trendy. One may ask, what are they searching to achieve?

It is nothing other than a little butt lift. This is a procedure that can increase or augment, thus improving the shape and size of a person’s buttocks through using that person’s fat. A board-certified plastic surgeon can perform the surgery by combining fat grafting with liposuction. That is, practically sucking out excess fat from the place you do not want it such as your stomach or thighs.

The removed fat will then be injected on the rump, which is the place you want to lift. Most times, this particular cosmetic procedure requires general anesthesia since your plastic surgeon will be carrying out substantial liposuction. 

One thing you should bear in mind, though, is that it is not everybody that is qualified as a candidate for this cosmetic procedure. You have to have a clearance of elective surgery, healthy, and without medical issues. Furthermore, the person shouldn’t be too thin or overweight either. After all, there is the need for sufficient fat for the transfer. Likewise, too much fat can increase the risks during surgery. For more information about butt lift and what are involved, you can contact the surgeons for buttock augmentation with fat grafting at Premiere Surgical Arts.

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