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Body Liposuction in Houston: What You Should Know

By March 4, 2020Liposuction

Body liposuction Houston is a cosmetic surgical procedure that you can use to remove stubborn body fat that you can’t seem to eliminate through exercise and diet. Full body liposuction Houston involves the use of a suction technique to surgically eliminate stubborn fat from specific body parts, such as the neck, arms, buttocks, thigh, hips, and abdomen. Liposuction can also be used to shape/ contour these areas. Liposuction is also known as body contouring and lipoplasty.

Body liposuction Houston is not usually considered as a general method of losing weight or a weight-loss alternative. Instead, it targets stubborn body fats that would not be eliminated by workouts or diet. So, if you are overweight, you would possibly lose more weight through exercise or diet or through gastric bypass surgery than you would with full body liposuction Houston.

You are a candidate of body liposuction in Houston if you have too much fat in specific parts of your body but otherwise have a stable body weight.

How Long Does Lipo Last?

Body liposuction Houston is usually handled by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon on your face, arms, back, buttocks, thighs, belly, or hips to improve their shape. However, the procedure can also be done with another cosmetic surgery in Memorial like facelift, breast reduction, or tummy tuck.

Note that the human body has only a certain amount of fat cells, which either grows smaller or larger as we lose or gain weight, respectively. Hence, the amount of body fat that can be safely removed through body liposuction Houston is limited. As a result, the excess body fats in question are removed in proportion to the rest of the body. Removing excess fats exposes the body to some risks, such as scarring, numbness, and infection. There may also be dents or lumpiness in the skin.

Normally, body liposuction Houston permanently removes body fat cells and alters the shape of the body. However, if after the liposuction procedure, the patient does not maintain his or her weight and follow a healthy lifestyle, there is a tendency that the remaining fat cells will grow bigger and bulge out like before.

What Happens To Your Body After Liposuction?

After full body liposuction Houston procedure, it can take about six months for the operated body area to completely settle. During this time you may notice some contour irregularities and subtle changes and differences in the treatment area. The final results of body liposuction Houston generally last longer if you maintain a healthy weight.

As with many other cosmetic surgeries, expect some bruising, swelling, and pain after the liposuction procedure. Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist may prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection and certain medication to help subdue the pain. The incision may be left open to promote fluid drainage. You also need to put on tight compression garment for a few weeks. This will help to reduce swelling.

You may also need to wait for a few days after the body liposuction Houston before returning to work and your normal activities.

What Questions Should I Ask Before Getting Liposuction?

Before undergoing Body liposuction Houston, it is important to ask the dermatologist or plastic surgeon some certain questions so that you would be sure what to about the liposuction procedures and what to expect after the procedure. Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery in Memorial. Undergoing a surgical procedure is not only expensive but poses certain risks to your health but having some understanding about the full body liposuction Houston will put your mind at rest. The following are some certain questions you can ask before getting liposuction:

Does The Full Body Liposuction Houston Help Me To Reduce Weight?

No! Body liposuction Houston is not a general weight-loss method. Liposuction is never a treatment for obesity. Liposuction is for people who already have a stable body weight but would like to get rid of stubborn undesirable fat deposits in specific parts of their body. If you want to reduce weight, try exercise or diet method.

Can I undergo Full Body Liposuction Houston to Remove Stretch Marks?

No! The aim of Liposuction is esthetic. You cannot undergo Body liposuction Houston to get rid of stretch marks, dimples, or cellulite. The essence of full body liposuction Houston is to change and enhance your body contour.

What Are The Risks Of Full Body Liposuction Houston?

Remember Liposuction is still a type of surgery, so there are some risks, which include bleeding, shock, complications from anesthesia, fluid accumulation, fat embolism, numbness, damage to nerves, infections, etc. However, all these risks can be reduced by making use of only a specially trained, well-experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Are the Results Of Full Body Liposuction Houston Permanent?

Not really. Although the fat cells are permanently removed during Body liposuction Houston, yet you can gain new fat cells. Hence, to keep your new shape after the cosmetic surgery in Memorial, follow a diet that includes low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. And exercise regularly.

Is Full Body Liposuction Houston Covered By Health Insurance?

Being a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by most health plans. It is important that you ask your insurance company prior to the liposuction procedure.

Does The Full Body Liposuction Houston Bring A Drastic Result?

No! The results of the body liposuction in Houston are subtle rather than dramatic.

Does Liposuction Actually Work?

Yes! Body liposuction Houston actually works. It treats stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet. Such fat deposits include saddlebags. However, liposuction may not work if taken as a weight-loss alternative.

What’s It Like To Get Liposuction?

Generally, during liposuction, a mechanism is used to breakdown the stubborn fat cells after which they are removed from the body. Though there are different types of body liposuction Houston, all of them follow a similar procedure, which is using a thin tube (cannula) that is connected to a vacuum to suction out the liquefied fat from the body.

Tumescent Liposuction: this is the most common liposuction technique, where the plastic surgeon injects a sterile solution into the body area where the fat cells are to be removed. The sterile solution consists of saline, epinephrine, and lidocaine. The sterile solution makes it very easy to suction the fat cells with less pain and blood loss.

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction (UAL): this technique uses a sound waves energy sent underneath the skin to rupture the fat cell walls. This energy also liquefies the fat so that it can be easily suctioned out.

Laser-assisted Liposuction: this liposuction technique is also known as SmartLipo. It uses a laser to generate the energy needed to liquefy the fat.


In conclusion, body liposuction Houston works best for people with good skin elasticity and tone. This will help their skin to molds itself into new contours. However, those with poor skin elasticity may end up having loose-looking skin in their affected body areas after undergoing liposuction. More so, it is not advisable for people with weakened immune systems, diabetes, coronary artery disease, or other circulation or blood flow problems to undergo liposuction.

It is recommended that you consult us at Premier Surgical Arts for your cosmetic surgery in Memorial.

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