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Body Liposuction Before and After

By January 12, 2019Cosmetic Surgery

Body Liposuction or lipo is a way of sculpting the body parts in the aim to slim or add more definition to it. We do want to warn that liposuction is not an alternative weight loss regimen and should therefore not be seen as one. There are quite a few or perhaps a lot to do before and after body liposuction.

Body Sculpting is a non-invasive treatment for destroying fat cells in the body to attain the perfect contouring through fat cell freezing, radiofrequency or heat penetration. The process works by breaking down fat that gets flushed away within a few months.

Whether you want to go for liposuction or body sculpting, it is paramount that you speak to a good doctor to ensure that you get the result and undergo the right body liposuction treatment, there are a few things to note before and after the procedure.

What to do before a body liposuction procedure?

Choosing a doctor and a facility

When your mind is made up about a procedure, the next thing is to choose a facility and hopefully have a certified doctor handle the procedure. However, be bold to ask any question concerning the procedure such as how long, if you are the right candidate, how long is the process, the anesthesia, and other fears or doubt you have or heard off. A good doctor or facility should be opened about all they do without prejudice.

Don’t undergo any diet change

Many patients have come in for a body liposuction consultation weighing a particular number, but on the day of the procedure have either dropped or increased in weight. This can be detrimental not only to the success of the procedure but also health wise. Your initial weight is used to calculate your vitals, and any change will indicate otherwise.

State your goals clearly

If you are coming in for body liposuction or sculpting procedure, it is vital to discuss with your doctor what your goals are and how you want to look afterward. This will give you the opportunity to know if you are suitable for the procedure and what extend your doctor and body can tolerate the procedure with minimal or no side effect.

Know the amount of fat you want to extract from your body

The regulated amount of fat that is recommended in a full body liposuction procedure is 5 liter that is about 10 pounds. This is a lot except you are going for super skinny or extreme sculpting; a good doctor should know the limit good for your body.

There will be lots of pain

A body liposuction procedure is not a CS procedure; the pain is real. Although the threshold for pain tolerance is different in patients, the truth remains that the pain is real and as a potential liposuction patient you need to prepare your mental self for it.

Body Liposuction Treatment

When all the necessary preparations are done, it is time to get prepped for surgery. Some rules are avoided eating or drinking minutes before the surgery. No alcohol or smoking is allowed and should be avoided from when you decide to do a body sculpting or liposuction procedure.

The doctor marks all the area where fat will be extracted from the body prior to the body liposuction or sculpting procedure. This marking is to ensure no mistake and to give you the desired results without problems.

It is always better to get light and loose fitting clothes to wear after surgery and a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure.

What to do after body liposuction or body sculpting procedure?

The recovery process is not a very difficult one either, and all that is left is for you to follow the doctor’s instructions without fail.

  • After the body liposuction procedure, you might have to stay in the hospital for observation, but this depends on the types of surgery or how difficult the procedure was. However, you will experience swellings, bruising, soreness, and even difficulty sleeping the first few weeks.
  • Keep your compression garment on for a period of 4 to 8 weeks after surgery; this will help you fall back into shape faster.
  • Avoid any rigorous activity that might cause your stitches to come off and take prescribed pain medication to ease the pain
  • Take your antibiotic to prevent infection or the spread of one. If you can reach the area, wipe with a clean soft cloth, and warm antiseptic solution.
  • Have your doctor number on speed dial in case the pain becomes unbearable for a list of pain reliever or other means to alleviate the pain
  • There will be scarring as a result of the cannula used in the extraction process. The scarring spot depends on the area. However, you can discuss with your surgeon before a body sculpting procedure to prevent excessive scarring.
  • Don’t forget to go back to the facility for a thorough checkup and re-evaluation of the area.

Body after liposuction surgery and body sculpting

There will not be any drastic visible change immediately after the surgery or even days after the procedure. You will start to see changes after the swelling, bruising, and pains have reduced to reveal a gorgeous body in 6 to 8 weeks.

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