What is

Body Liposculpture?

You’ve put the time and effort into dieting and exercising but still have stubborn fat that seems to linger no what you do. There is a solution. While liposculpture, also known as liposuction or body sculpting, isn’t a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, it can take your body to the next level and make you look and feel amazing. Liposculpture is performed by selectively removing unwanted localized deposits of fat cells to improve symmetry and body lines.

The most popular treatment areas for men are the “love handles,” chest, abdomen and neckline. In women they include the thighs, hips, stomach, knees, lower legs, cheeks and double chins. Some women elect to have their fat recycled through fat transfer to achieve their desired shape. Contact our Houston, TX cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jung to get a free consultation.


of Body Liposculpture

Safely removes fat and even improves cellulite

Sculpts areas of the body that don’t respond to diet and exercise for a sleeker, more defined shape

Changes the way you look and the way others perceive you


Before + After


This 29-year-old female patient was a workout buff who couldn’t seem to get rid of her stubborn “love handles” no matter how much she dieted and exercised. Dr. Jung performed liposculpture of her waist and love handles to improve her shape and bring balance to her figure. The patient was delighted with her results.

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The best candidate for body liposculpture is someone who is in good general health with good skin tone to allow for maximum retraction of the skin once the fat is removed. At your consultation, Dr. Jung will assess you and discuss your goals and the probable outcome.

During the procedure, Dr. Jung infuses the fatty area being treated with small volumes of saline solution, local anesthesia and adrenaline. This enables him to maneuver a special instrument, known as a cannula, under the skin to remove the unwanted fatty deposits to reveal more attractive contours.


Pre + Post

Op Care

Prior to surgery, Dr. Jung will give you specific instructions, which may include avoiding smoking and taking certain medications and making lifestyle changes in order to ensure the procedure is safe and successful.

After your liposculpture surgery, you’ll rest for a few hours. However, we encourage walking and normal activities as soon as possible to get the blood flowing and to avoid clots, though strenuous activities will be off limits for up to four weeks. There will be quite a bit of drainage during the first 24-48 hours. Swelling and bruising is normal. You’ll need to wear a snug elastic dressing or body stocking over the treated area to enhance healing and contours. For the first month, the treated areas may feel rigid or hard to the touch until swelling subsides. The skin may also feel itchy or numb. Areas that have become thickened or firm may be massaged several times a day to soften them up and improve the result. It may take six months or longer to see the final outcome.

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