Best facility for wisdom tooth extraction- Oral/maxillofacial surgery in Montrose

Premiere surgical Arts is a facility, located in Houston that provides people with services like oral/ maxillofacial surgeries. This also includes wisdom tooth removal surgery as well. Tooth extraction surgery usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to be completed. The type of anesthesia that is used by the facility during the wisdom teeth removal is general anesthesia. The facility has some of the best and highly skilled professional working for them. 

How is wisdom tooth extracted? 

A wisdom tooth, which is also known as the third molar, grows inside the mouth during the ages of 17 years and 23 years. As the body undergoes a transitional phase so does our mouth. The wisdom teeth or the third molar occupies the space that is available for other teeth to grow. By doing this, it restricts the growth of other teeth. Therefore the doctor removes the tooth that is causing a problem. Wisdom teeth removal or tooth extraction surgery involves a series of steps that are undertaken. These steps ensure the success of the surgery by targeting the tooth that is the main issue.  The first step of wisdom teeth removal is the analysis of the way the teeth are growing and examining the roots of the teeth. Once the doctor locates the extraction site, the area is injected with general anesthesia to numb it. The numbing of the area with the help of general anesthesia is done to make sure the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery. If the patient feels any pain, he or she should inform the doctor. The doctor would then increase the dosage of general anesthesia. The next step of the wisdom tooth removal surgery is to make small cuts along the area of the tooth to be extracted. These cuts would allow access to the doctors who will then cut them into smaller pieces so that they can be managed accordingly. Once the cuts are made the doctor would neatly separate the bone and the teeth. The path that would be created among the two would allow the doctor to see the problem area more clearly. After the tooth extraction, the doctor would cover the wound with gauze to prevent it from getting infected by germs. The surgery itself will take up about 20 minutes to be done. However, that is if only one tooth is to be extracted if all four wisdom teeth are to be extracted then the time may vary.

Symptoms that show that you need to get wisdom tooth extracted 

Some of the symptoms that warn you that you need to get the wisdom tooth removal surgery done include the following: 

  • If the gums are bleeding and they are extremely tender, then there is need to get the tooth extraction done. 
  • If no amount of brushing the teeth is getting rid of the bad breath and unpleasant taste, then it is a sign
  • If the jaw feels swollen and the swelling is noticeable then tooth extraction surgery is to be carried out. 
  • If you are experiencing pangs of pain and it is difficult for you to open your mouth, then the wisdom tooth removal operation is to be done. 

Benefits of wisdom tooth extraction 

Some of the benefits of tooth extraction surgery include:

  • Prevention from gum diseases and other mouth infections 
  • Prevention from the formulation of cysts around the impacted tooth that can damage the nerves
  • Alignment of the teeth would be much better after the surgery as the teeth would have space to grow. 
  • Food will not get stuck in your teeth, and the chances of cavities will also reduce considerably.
  • Issues like congestion, sinus, and pain will be avoided if the wisdom tooth removal operation is done on time. 

Aftercare measures that the patients need to consider. 

Pain medication prescribed by the doctor along with antibiotics should be taken for the duration they have been recommended. This would help tremendously in the healing process. For swelling ice packs can be sued and bags of frozen peas will also be helpful. The swelling itself will go down in 2 to 3 days. For bleeding the doctors recommend biting firmly on the gauze to stop it momentarily. Driving for two days after the surgery is prohibited and the company of someone for the surgery is highly advised. No physical activity for the duration of recovery time, which usually takes up to 2 weeks, be careful about what you eat. No hard food, no alcohol, and no carbonated drinks. Food that is soft and rich in minerals and vitamins including proteins and nutrients are to be consumed by the patient, do not touch the wound at all as it will irritate it and the wound would start bleeding again. Be patient during the recovery process as it would take some time to heal and go back to the healthy life fully.  


How long is the recovery time after wisdom teeth removal?

It usually takes up to 2 weeks to fully recover after the surgery is done.

Does tooth alignment change after wisdom tooth extraction?

It does change slightly as the other teeth in the mouth would now have more space to grow. It also means they can spread out easily now. 

How long does the pain last after wisdom tooth extraction?

It is different for everyone. Some people only feel slight pain that too for some hours after the operation while some do not feel pain at all. If the pain persists, please contact your doctor.

What are the benefits of wisdom teeth removal?

The main benefit is that you will no longer feel the pain and discomfort. Plus it would no longer cause an issue for you in the future. 

Best facility for wisdom teeth extraction in Houston 

Premiere Surgical Arts as previously mentioned as well as one of the best facilities in all of Houston who can deal with a tooth extraction. They also offer free consultation services to potential new patients. So book your appointments and avail the services they are offering. 


Wisdom tooth extraction is an oral/ maxillofacial surgery. With the increasing trend and evolution in technology, the medicinal world has also evolved with time. Wisdom teeth removal or tooth extraction is a sort of treatment that is done to relieve the patient of pain and discomfort. With the help of local anesthesia, the impacted tooth area is numbed. For extraction purposes,the doctor makes a path between the tooth and the bone, which essentially separates them. This helps the doctor in distinguishing the problem area that needs tobe dealt with. The doctor prescribes pain medication and antibiotics, which is to be consumed after the tooth extraction surgery is completed. The surgery itself takes up to 20 to 30 minutes depending on how far the roots of the wisdom teeth are. Oral health is relatively new phenomena, and more and more people realize its real importance. People are now normalizing the surgery of tooth extraction that was once considered daunting. The Internet is full of videos of various people sharing their wisdom teeth removal stories. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia remains in the system of the patient for about two days; therefore driving is not recommended. Aftercare is of vital importance. Therefore a series of steps needs to be undertaken by the patient. For a surgery like this competent surgeons or experts are to be approached. They should provide consultation about which way to go. Book your appointments at one of the finest facility in all of Houston Premiere Surgical Arts.

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