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Benefits of Having Eyelid Surgery

By January 12, 2019Uncategorised

So, we can’t really reverse the aging process, but we can make the required changes to our body to feel good or even better too. One of the surgeries that are gradually gaining ground is eyelid surgery or cosmetics eyelid surgery procedure.

This surgery is also known as an eyelift or blepharoplasty aims to reduce excess skin due to aging, weight loss and bagginess from the lower eyelids or the upper eyelids.

Cosmetic eyelids surgery is done for solely beautification purpose and in some people; it is a way to get rid of saggy skin and even improve eyesight especially with older patients where the skin is covering their eyes even when it’s opened.

If you have an eyelids surgery coming up, we will like you to know that this surgery is no way eliminates dark circles, facial wrinkles around the eye or crow’s feet. However, the procedure is accompanied by other forms of facial surgery like Botox, forehead lift and fillers to get that youthful look that complements your entire appearance.

Why you need a cosmetic eyelids surgery?

As we age, the skin overall loses elasticity and falls south with gravity; this causes excess skin to gather under or above the eyelid giving you that tired and exhausted making you look older than you feel. You can also get this procedure if you aren’t happy with your facial expression. The eyes are the window and focal point of our being; so if at any point in your life you feel downcast about your eyes, the good news is that you have a good hospital and expert that will give you a youthful look by performing an eyelid surgery or a cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure.
Eyelids surgery is an outpatients procedure, this means you walk in looking drab and walk out looking like a star. If you are still in doubt of why you need one, we have listed some benefits of why you should book an appointment here now.

Benefits of eyelids surgery

It improves your vision

We can’t stop the aging process even if we try and our eyes are not immune to the changes that occur to us. The muscles that lift and lower the eye are like a rubber band that wears off with time. This sagging is mostly missed by most patients that finally come in for eye surgery because they don’t associate vision impairment to drooping eyelids. The first signs of a weak eyelid are wrinkles around the forehead and heaviness in the upper exterior eye as you are straining your muscles to do their jobs. What a surgeon does is to remove excess skin by cutting off a chunk, then tightening the muscles and ligament in the upper eyelids improving your vision.

Creates a firmer and well-defined look

Cosmetic eyelid surgery has helped millions of people know the effect of looking younger and more defined just by working on your eyes. Drooping skin, fat eyelids and wrinkled eyelids are simply eliminated by a simple eyelid surgical procedure. In this case, the oculoplastic surgeon cuts of excess skin and extract fat; the skin is then sewn and fat equally distributed to create a pucker and firmer look. This process automatically takes ages of your face and if combined with other procedures will have you looking youthful.

Helps reduce the effect of Grave Disease 

Grave’s disease is the over secretion of thyroid into the bloodstream causing swelling, puffiness, inflammation, redness, bulging eyes and eyelids retraction. This swelling can cause vision impairment or excess loose skin that is easily corrected with eyelids surgery.

Eye accident or Excessive tearing

This may sound weird, but cosmetic surgery procedure has been used to fix problems where the eyelids are hanging on due to an accident or other factors beyond our control. Excessive tearing results when the tear gland of the eye in improperly positioned in the eyelids. Eyelids surgery is used to correct this by repositioning the tear gland on the eyelid to prevent or stop it.

Fixing Entropion

Entropion is a medical condition that affects the lower eyelids causing it to fold inward. This condition is very serious as the lower lashed consistently rub against the cornea causing irritations and tearing eyes. However, it can be fixed if the problem is as a result of weak muscles. An eyelid examination is conducted to evaluate the real cause before an eyelid surgery is performed on the eye.

Removal of Fat Bulges

As we ages, every part of our body also grows weak including the ligaments that make up the eyes. This process causes an uneven distribution of fat in the eyelids causing bumps that look ugly. When a patient notices this, the only option is to undergo a cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure to remove excess fat and skin to make the eyelids smooth and well-put-together after sculpting and tightening of the area.

Fix a dropping drooping brow

You might be wondering what the eyebrows have to do with the eyelids; but when the brows begin to fall, excess skin falls on the eyelid causing it to become heavy and unattractive. In this case, the surgeon fixes the eyebrows and also removes the excess skin giving a more youthful look.

Helps eliminate under eye bags

Although eyelid surgery cannot eliminate dark circles under your eyes, it will help you look good in the meantime. However, saggy bags under your eyes can be easily eliminated with on surgery. The surgeon does this by removing the excess skin, sculpt the fat and redistribute excess fat creating uniformity and firmness.

Get rids of eye wrinkles permanently

Although Botox is an easier way to get rid of wrinkles or lines around the eye, there are permanent solutions. However, with a cosmetic surgery procedure involving working on the skin, muscles, and tissues around the eyes for a lasting effect, helping you save on regular Botox treatment.

Now that you know the secret of having a youthful and firmer face, it is also right to fine doctor and facility where you have a greater chance of success and survival. Is your mind made up for that cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure; visit here to book an appointment today?

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