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How Long is Wisdom Teeth Recovery Time

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Wisdom teeth are usually the last set of teeth that most people get in their mouth appearing in the late teens into the early twenties for some while others can appear later. Even though these teeth are necessary for the mouth, due to their size and how they grow, it can also lead to a source of discomfort giving a feeling of weightiness in the mouth but do you know how long a wisdom teeth recovery time is?

How long does wisdom teeth recovery take?

Recovery after extraction of a wisdom tooth takes anywhere from 5 days to 9 weeks depends on a lot of factors. However, recovery time depends on two factors – one is the length of time it took to remove the teeth and the difficulty encountered during the extraction process. The healing process should take longer if the alveolar nerve in damaged during extraction.

Dos and don’ts to help with wisdom teeth recovery time

After the procedure, you are able to leave the facility immediately if you underwent local anesthesia but will need help if general anesthesia was performed and since most recovery takes place in the home, we have a list of do’s and don’ts that will encourage wisdom teeth recovery time.


  • Take your medication as prescribed by the surgeon or when you feel the pain is unbearable
  • Try to take in more fluid especially water or soft foods like noodles and soup that don’t involve chewing
  • Use a hot compress if the jawline is swollen
  • Practice opening and closing your mouth during the wisdom teeth recovery time
  • Place ice packs on the exterior area of the extracted tooth to reduce the swelling and pain
  • Do not swallow the saliva that gathers in your mouth but endeavors to spit it out
  • Bit down hard on the gauze in your mouth after every change to lock it in place
  • Take plenty of rest and stay away from overly noisy spaces to prevent headaches
  • Start brushing your teeth from the second day or use a mouthwash or gently gaggle your mouth with a warm salt solution


  • Avoid vigorously gaggling the mouth
  • Ensure that you don’t remove the gauze place over the area immediately after surgery. The gauze is to manage to bleed
  • Don’t perform any strenuous work moments after a wisdom tooth removal
  • Don’t brush over the area to avoid injuring or inciting more pain
  • Don’t worry about the blood clots; it is part of the healing process
  • Don’t use a straw in drinking; this might loosen the blood clot causing more bleeding and discomfort
  • Don’t eat foods that require you chewing as this might scratch your wound
  • Avoid smoking or excess alcohol during wisdom teeth recovery time

When you should see a dentist?

For some people, it’s really nothing except for the feeling of an obstruction that is normally felt but in worst cases; the wisdom teeth are so misaligned and angled in such a way that they are more dangerous just been inside your mouth and are better out.

When your wisdom teeth aren’t properly aligned is causes a lot of problems. Poorly aligned wisdom teeth can affect the soft tissue around the teeth, the jawline, nerves, and adjacent teeth. They cause infection in the mouth which leads to swelling in the jaw, aches and pains, feverish conditions, inability to chew certain or all foods or tooth decay also affecting the adjacent tooth too.

Other signs that show that you need wisdom teeth removal are a foul smell in the mouth, abscesses, cysts, and benign growth and cellulitis. Most of these symptoms are easily treated with mouthwash or antibiotic recommended by a dentist.

If the problem persists, you have to book an appointment at a dental hospital for a complete checkup which includes having an X-ray. If your wisdom teeth are more of a problem with one or more of the above-listed symptoms observed, your dentist will recommend you to see a dental surgeon for a wisdom teeth removal procedure.

When is a wisdom teeth considered for removal?

When conventional treatments have failed, then a wisdom tooth is considered for removal. However, there are other reasons why you should consider it ASAP.

  • When the tooth is just starting to come out of the gum but not fully out; this process affects the gum and can cause infection to spread into the gum
  • The tooth is stuck in the underlying bone structure causing pain and discomfort
  • The tooth has erupted fully but doesn’t have enough space for it to completely sit comfortably.

Wisdom teeth surgery

Wisdom teeth removal is an outpatient surgery operation; that is you step in and is out after the procedure as most wisdom teeth recovery occurs in the comfort of your home.

The procedure usually involves getting sedated on the area or if your wisdom tooth is more problematic after the x-ray; you are given general anesthesia which means you might spend some time to recover from the anesthesia. We recommend asking your surgeon the anesthesia you are getting just to know what reaction to expect afterward.

The procedure for removing a wisdom tooth

Your dentist is able to remove your wisdom tooth is the impaction is not great and will refer you to a qualified surgeon with your x-ray report for further analysis or removal.

Prior to the wisdom tooth removal procedure, the doctor explains the process and you sign a consent form

The local anesthetic is injected to numb the area surrounding the tooth. The patient usually feels the pressure as the tooth is rocked back and forth before been pulled off. In some instance, a small incision is made when the tooth has not erupted to ease the process or even broken off in bits and pieces if lodged in the bone.

All cuts are sewn and gauze placed over the area, this procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes with an experienced dental surgeon.

Do you need to remove your wisdom tooth? Are you afraid of the pain? Do you want a qualified and certified medical personnel, please book an appoint with us today?

Side Effects of Liposuction Surgery

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Liposuction surgery is a procedure that removes excess fat from the body. The reasons for this surgery are numerous ranging from health reasons to lack of confidence and self-esteem on how we look. However, like any other surgical procedure, liposuction surgery also has its side effects, and although choosing the right specialist will minimize the side effects, it doesn’t go without saying that different body types react to the procedure differently.

Despite the good feeling you get from liposuction surgery, there is a tendency that you may suffer from one or more side effect if you don’t visit the right specialist or hospital. However, we have come up with a listed of some common side effects that usually occur after the procedure.

Surgical Risk associated with liposuction surgery

Eliminating pockets of fat from a precise location on the body is fine; however, when the procedure involves more than one area on the body, the risk is higher with patients experiencing more than one side effect after the procedure. Some of which are normal as the patient undergoes the healing process while others take longer but either way you do look great after a liposuction surgery procedure.  Below are some side effects.


Bruising is a normal side effect associated with liposuction surgery, but there are different degrees of bruising some of which can really keep you down for a long time. Thermal bruising occurs deep in the tissue and as a result of the heat generated from the ultrasound device that liquefies the fats cells before extraction. The pain is unavoidable even by the best doctors or the best liposuction procedures.

Bruising does subside after a while, but if the pain persists, patients should see their doctors for a thorough check-up.

Improper Contouring of the body

The one reason why people go under the knife is to have that perfect body figure with contours in the right places. This is usually the outcome 90 percent of the time, but we can’t dictate the outcome especially in large patients or when large fat deposits are removed from the body. These contour irregularities are mostly due to poor skin elasticity and uneven healing making the skin appear wavy, bumpy and withered.

Pulmonary or fat Embolism

This is a rare occurrence; however, as the quantity of fat removed increased with surgery; so did the chances of fat embolism too. In this process, fat travels through the blood vessels into the lungs obstructing circulation resulting in difficulty breathing, disability, and death in severe cases. Patients have also been known to suffer brain damage and lose cognitive ability or death.


Numbness is the first side effect associated with liposuction surgery, but in addition to just experiencing numbness, patients have been known to stay numb for a long period of time, and in rare cases, patients also experience reduced sensitivity in the area where fat was removed.

Furthermore, numbness can also result due to excessive swelling that eventually leads to scarring or darkening of the skin around the area where fat was removed.

Loose and Saggy Skin

Loose and saggy skin after liposuction surgery is a result of the skin not having enough time to shrink back. The skin does contract quickly after a procedure but in some cases because fat is removed from one area at once. The extent to which the skin shrinks also depends on the age of the patient. Older patients experience more saggy skin than younger people. To prevent this from happening, a good doctor will discuss a skin tightening procedure before the surgery.


After every procedure, fluid is normally collected resulted in swelling but is gradually reduced as the liquid sips out through a tube during the healing process. However, due to excessive tissue trauma, over liposuction and aggressive liposuction procedure, the liposuction area gathers serous liquid causing cavity and lymphatic damage. Patients have also been known to suffer from mobility problems due to a large collection of fluid and swelling.

Skin Necrosis

Skin necrosis occurs as a result when the region or area that underwent liposuction surgery starts to die off due to over removal of fat cells or aggressive liposuction technique causing injuries to the injuries in the underlying skin or limitation in the oxygen supply to the region. Although this does occur sometimes; chronic smokers are more at risk of suffering this side effect.

Other side effects resulting from necrosis include infection, clotting in the underlying blood vessel, inflammation and injuries to the blood vessels during the surgical procedure.

Skin Depression

Liposuction surgery is the repeated incision at a single site to remove the fat and because of this process; the skin suffers depression affecting the overall contour of the body. Although this can be avoided by withdrawing the cannula after switching off the suction or applying the criss-cross procedure that can also be a problem when patients demand unachievable procedures causing these side effects. Depressions on the skin can also be caused by over removal of fat cells from a particular area of the body giving it an unnatural look that results in unwanted and unappealing appearance.

Other side effects are the normal pain experienced after surgery; this differs in individuals, but it will normally subside weeks after the procedure. However, in cases where the pain persists, it can be due to overcorrection or fat removal too close to the surface of the skin.  Besides the above, some common side effects are a fluid imbalance, heart and kidney problems, blood loss, under correction, and most times, an unsatisfied patient.

If you don’t have the body you want, liposuction surgery can give it to you. However, to really get the best procedure by the best liposuction medical specialist, then you should visit for the best of both worlds. To truly enjoy the surgery with excellent results, please book a consultation at Premiere Surgical Arts. We will not only guarantee good and certified doctors but a liposuction surgery procedure with minimal side effects.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe

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We can’t dispute the fact that cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedure is increasingly popular with the millennial generation but have you asked yourself the vital questions.

In some instances, individuals have been known to perform all kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures just to attain the body in their imagination. However, with all the technology and safety measures put in place to ensure that each procedure goes well and patient survival rate remains on the high side, one is posed to ask; is cosmetic surgery safe?

No surgical procedure is whether cosmetic or reconstructive is 100 percent safe; there are always bound to be complications resulting from many misses along the way. To ensure that patient safety is attained, proper research on the doctor and facility needs to be made by new patients which include talking to patients that have undergone cosmetic surgery at the clinic.

Is cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery the same?

We had to add this in because most people think it’s the same, but they are not. Cosmetic surgery is as the name implies – procedures that are performed to improve the overall appearance or appeal of the body. Cosmetic surgery procedures are surgeries like breast enhancement, augmentation, lifts or reduction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, body contouring, fillers, Botox, butt lift, etc.

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, involves the restructuring or rearrangement of part of the body part to bring it back to normal like fixing a cleft lip, drooping face, trauma victims, burns or any dysfunctional areas in the body.  Even though most cosmetic surgeons are also a plastic surgeon, it is always good to know that a doctor performing cosmetic surgery on your first career line is as a cosmetic surgeon and not a plastic surgeon.

The risk of cosmetic surgery procedure

The health risk associated with cosmetic surgery procedure includes excessive bleeding, high risk of infection, poor healing and poor recovery condition, failure to be correctly educated on the surgical process, loss of sensation in the region, and anesthesia risks. However, as popular as these risks are, they can be combated by a certified surgeon and facility.

In additional to the regular risks encountered, other risks are scarring (sometimes making the whole cosmetic surgery a waste of time and money), result not as anticipated or been overwhelmed by the change. However these are just the risks that are noticeable, patients also undergo mental and emotional risk. Patients have been known to suffer from self-induce stress, insomnia, inability to manage the pain, swelling and in worst case scenario depression.

So one is tempted to ask is cosmetic surgery safe and if it is; how one does ensure that they get through it without experiencing too many risks.

To answer the above, yes cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures are safe. However, like any other invasive procedure, one cannot but weigh the risks involved with changing the physical structure of the human body or dabbling with the underlying network of veins, arteries, tissues, and muscles.

We have to understand that safety measures can be taken by following measures to increase the safety of a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Listen to the doctor

Patients come in for unbelievable cosmetic surgery demands either requesting procedures from a magazine or demands that is not suitable for their body type and structure. As a patient, it is important to listen to your surgeon as to how the change will or will not suit your body including the risk that might occur when your body and skin is pushed beyond the limits. For example, coming in for large boobs when clearly you don’t have space for it can translate into chest pain, change in posture and spinal deformation among others.

Perform all post-surgical tests

To increase the safety of a cosmetic surgery procedure, the patient must be ready to perform all tests and disclose the true nature of their medical history by presenting all the records to their cosmetic surgeon.

The medical record includes if they are on any medications, prescription they are currently on or just off post the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Patients are also expected to discuss any health hazard, allergies or health condition with their true age to the doctors. The surgeon, in turn, should ensure that a comprehensive physical and emotion test on the patient.

Patients with one or more of the listed problems are advised against cosmetic surgery by a good doctor. They are morbidly obese patients, cancer or underwent chemotherapy recently or currently, an issue with blood clotting, used or is using oral contraceptives, smoke or drug addict, suffered a seriously traumatic experience or has a problem with their heart or lungs.

Conduct research about the doctors and the facility

Just like a product review, having a doctor or facility with 100 percent positive review from patients is a red flag if you are going for a cosmetic surgery procedure. Even if your procedure is legit, your customer service or recovery process must have some kind of flaw. The truth is you can please everyone, and hence facilities with overly successful reviews should be avoided.

Your surgeon must be certified

The country is made up of medical board and societies that certified a cosmetic surgeon or a facility. So to prevent falling into the wrong hands and reducing your risk of cosmetic surgery procedure always ensure the surgeon is certified by the American board of plastic surgery and they are in practice and can be backed by former patients.

So to answer your question again; yes, cosmetic surgery and procedures can be safe in the right hands with the right doctor performing it. You also have to weigh the risk involved if you defy the advice of a certified doctor and seek procedures in the hands of a quack; then you would bear the consequences alone.

With all the risks involved with cosmetic surgery procedure, having the right doctor and recovery facility is of paramount importance. At Premiere Surgical Arts, patient safety and comfort is our utmost priority, and with decades of experience, we have proven to be not only the best surgeons but the safest too.

For a safe cosmetic surgery procedure; book an appointment with us today right here

Body Liposuction Before and After

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Body Liposuction or lipo is a way of sculpting the body parts in the aim to slim or add more definition to it. We do want to warn that liposuction is not an alternative weight loss regimen and should therefore not be seen as one. There are quite a few or perhaps a lot to do before and after body liposuction.

Body Sculpting is a non-invasive treatment for destroying fat cells in the body to attain the perfect contouring through fat cell freezing, radiofrequency or heat penetration. The process works by breaking down fat that gets flushed away within a few months.

Whether you want to go for liposuction or body sculpting, it is paramount that you speak to a good doctor to ensure that you get the best result and undergo the right body liposuction treatment, there are a few things to note before and after the procedure.

What to do before a body liposuction procedure?

Choosing a doctor and a facility

When your mind is made up about a procedure, the next thing is to choose a facility and hopefully have a certified doctor handle the procedure. However, be bold to ask any question concerning the procedure such as how long, if you are the right candidate, how long is the process, the anesthesia, and other fears or doubt you have or heard off. A good doctor or facility should be opened about all they do without prejudice.

Don’t undergo any diet change

Many patients have come in for a body liposuction consultation weighing a particular number, but on the day of the procedure have either dropped or increased in weight. This can be detrimental not only to the success of the procedure but also health wise. Your initial weight is used to calculate your vitals, and any change will indicate otherwise.

State your goals clearly

If you are coming in for body liposuction or sculpting procedure, it is vital to discuss with your doctor what your goals are and how you want to look afterward. This will give you the opportunity to know if you are suitable for the procedure and what extend your doctor and body can tolerate the procedure with minimal or no side effect.

Know the amount of fat you want to extract from your body

The regulated amount of fat that is recommended in a full body liposuction procedure is 5 liter that is about 10 pounds. This is a lot except you are going for super skinny or extreme sculpting; a good doctor should know the limit good for your body.

There will be lots of pain

A body liposuction procedure is not a CS procedure; the pain is real. Although the threshold for pain tolerance is different in patients, the truth remains that the pain is real and as a potential liposuction patient you need to prepare your mental self for it.

Body Liposuction Treatment

When all the necessary preparations are done, it is time to get prepped for surgery. Some rules are avoided eating or drinking minutes before the surgery. No alcohol or smoking is allowed and should be avoided from when you decide to do a body sculpting or liposuction procedure.

The doctor marks all the area where fat will be extracted from the body prior to the body liposuction or sculpting procedure. This marking is to ensure no mistake and to give you the desired results without problems.

It is always better to get light and loose fitting clothes to wear after surgery and a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure.

What to do after body liposuction or body sculpting procedure?

The recovery process is not a very difficult one either, and all that is left is for you to follow the doctor’s instructions without fail.

  • After the body liposuction procedure, you might have to stay in the hospital for observation, but this depends on the types of surgery or how difficult the procedure was. However, you will experience swellings, bruising, soreness, and even difficulty sleeping the first few weeks.
  • Keep your compression garment on for a period of 4 to 8 weeks after surgery; this will help you fall back into shape faster.
  • Avoid any rigorous activity that might cause your stitches to come off and take prescribed pain medication to ease the pain
  • Take your antibiotic to prevent infection or the spread of one. If you can reach the area, wipe with a clean soft cloth, and warm antiseptic solution.
  • Have your doctor number on speed dial in case the pain becomes unbearable for a list of pain reliever or other means to alleviate the pain
  • There will be scarring as a result of the cannula used in the extraction process. The scarring spot depends on the area. However, you can discuss with your surgeon before a body sculpting procedure to prevent excessive scarring.
  • Don’t forget to go back to the facility for a thorough checkup and re-evaluation of the area.

Body after liposuction surgery and body sculpting

There will not be any drastic visible change immediately after the surgery or even days after the procedure. You will start to see changes after the swelling, bruising, and pains have reduced to reveal a gorgeous body in 6 to 8 weeks.

Benefits of Having Eyelid Surgery

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So, we can’t really reverse the aging process, but we can make the required changes to our body to feel good or even better too. One of the surgeries that are gradually gaining ground is eyelid surgery or cosmetics eyelid surgery procedure.

This surgery is also known as an eyelift or blepharoplasty aims to reduce excess skin due to aging, weight loss and bagginess from the lower eyelids or the upper eyelids.

Cosmetic eyelids surgery is done for solely beautification purpose and in some people; it is a way to get rid of saggy skin and even improve eyesight especially with older patients where the skin is covering their eyes even when it’s opened.

If you have an eyelids surgery coming up, we will like you to know that this surgery is no way eliminates dark circles, facial wrinkles around the eye or crow’s feet. However, the procedure is accompanied by other forms of facial surgery like Botox, forehead lift and fillers to get that youthful look that complements your entire appearance.

Why you need a cosmetic eyelids surgery?

As we age, the skin overall loses elasticity and falls south with gravity; this causes excess skin to gather under or above the eyelid giving you that tired and exhausted making you look older than you feel. You can also get this procedure if you aren’t happy with your facial expression. The eyes are the window and focal point of our being; so if at any point in your life you feel downcast about your eyes, the good news is that you have a good hospital and expert that will give you a youthful look by performing an eyelid surgery or a cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure.
Eyelids surgery is an outpatients procedure, this means you walk in looking drab and walk out looking like a star. If you are still in doubt of why you need one, we have listed some benefits of why you should book an appointment here now.

Benefits of eyelids surgery

It improves your vision

We can’t stop the aging process even if we try and our eyes are not immune to the changes that occur to us. The muscles that lift and lower the eye are like a rubber band that wears off with time. This sagging is mostly missed by most patients that finally come in for eye surgery because they don’t associate vision impairment to drooping eyelids. The first signs of a weak eyelid are wrinkles around the forehead and heaviness in the upper exterior eye as you are straining your muscles to do their jobs. What a surgeon does is to remove excess skin by cutting off a chunk, then tightening the muscles and ligament in the upper eyelids improving your vision.

Creates a firmer and well-defined look

Cosmetic eyelid surgery has helped millions of people know the effect of looking younger and more defined just by working on your eyes. Drooping skin, fat eyelids and wrinkled eyelids are simply eliminated by a simple eyelid surgical procedure. In this case, the oculoplastic surgeon cuts of excess skin and extract fat; the skin is then sewn and fat equally distributed to create a pucker and firmer look. This process automatically takes ages of your face and if combined with other procedures will have you looking youthful.

Helps reduce the effect of Grave Disease 

Grave’s disease is the over secretion of thyroid into the bloodstream causing swelling, puffiness, inflammation, redness, bulging eyes and eyelids retraction. This swelling can cause vision impairment or excess loose skin that is easily corrected with eyelids surgery.

Eye accident or Excessive tearing

This may sound weird, but cosmetic surgery procedure has been used to fix problems where the eyelids are hanging on due to an accident or other factors beyond our control. Excessive tearing results when the tear gland of the eye in improperly positioned in the eyelids. Eyelids surgery is used to correct this by repositioning the tear gland on the eyelid to prevent or stop it.

Fixing Entropion

Entropion is a medical condition that affects the lower eyelids causing it to fold inward. This condition is very serious as the lower lashed consistently rub against the cornea causing irritations and tearing eyes. However, it can be fixed if the problem is as a result of weak muscles. An eyelid examination is conducted to evaluate the real cause before an eyelid surgery is performed on the eye.

Removal of Fat Bulges

As we ages, every part of our body also grows weak including the ligaments that make up the eyes. This process causes an uneven distribution of fat in the eyelids causing bumps that look ugly. When a patient notices this, the only option is to undergo a cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure to remove excess fat and skin to make the eyelids smooth and well-put-together after sculpting and tightening of the area.

Fix a dropping drooping brow

You might be wondering what the eyebrows have to do with the eyelids; but when the brows begin to fall, excess skin falls on the eyelid causing it to become heavy and unattractive. In this case, the surgeon fixes the eyebrows and also removes the excess skin giving a more youthful look.

Helps eliminate under eye bags

Although eyelid surgery cannot eliminate dark circles under your eyes, it will help you look good in the meantime. However, saggy bags under your eyes can be easily eliminated with on surgery. The surgeon does this by removing the excess skin, sculpt the fat and redistribute excess fat creating uniformity and firmness.

Get rids of eye wrinkles permanently

Although Botox is an easier way to get rid of wrinkles or lines around the eye, there are permanent solutions. However, with a cosmetic surgery procedure involving working on the skin, muscles, and tissues around the eyes for a lasting effect, helping you save on regular Botox treatment.

Now that you know the secret of having a youthful and firmer face, it is also right to fine best doctor and facility where you have a greater chance of success and survival. Is your mind made up for that cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure; visit here to book an appointment today?


10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid surgery which is known also as blepharoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery which is done to enhance the look of tired and flabby eyes. It is therefore quite a common request among different plastic surgery patients. Other conditions that can be enhanced with cosmetic eye lid surgery includes, dark circles and wrinkled skin. The process involves the removal of extra bags of fat as well as skin from both the lower eyelid and the upper eyelid. Eyelid surgery will give your face a younger appearance and can give the eyes a more open and rested appearance.

If you will like to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve on the appearance of your eyelids, chances are, you may have a number of questions. You most likely will seek answers on things such as alternative treatments, recovery experience and time, up to date research as it relates to your condition, and more. You may have some worries or feel anxious, and rightly so if you do not have some of these important information. It’s also great to know all the facts so that you do not get to experience any unpleasant surprises when you do go for the surgery.

Below, are 10 essential facts you may need to become conversant with before you sort to undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery.

1. Sagging Eyelids May Be Hereditary

Sometimes having eyelids that sag may not be simply as a result of the normal aging process. A droopy brow, excess skin on the eyelid and lower eyelid bags, may be as a result of inherited genes in the cases of some patients. It is more common for patients who are over the age of 40 to undergo this treatment due to aging naturally but patients who are younger can as well undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery as the case may be appropriate.

2. Non-surgical Options May Be Recommended For Your Eyes By Your Surgeon

Although, removal of excess skin and fat are basically treated by employing cosmetic surgery, in patients for whom it is appropriate for, non-surgical options are considered as well. The best hands in plastic surgery often times also do non-surgical treatments and injections. Injection of Botox in between the eyebrows and also, to the sides of the eyes can help to relax your appearance and help to reduce wrinkles. A resting angry face can also, be relieved with Botox.

Liquid lift procedures of the area around the lower eyelid can also eliminate the eye bags and dark circles. Another non surgical method is the use of facial fillers such as Belotero and Restylane.

3. Brow Lift May Be Considered As A Part Of Your Eyelid Rejuvenation

The forehead, brow and upper eyelid are together, put into consideration in the evaluation of the upper area for cosmetic surgery. The brow descends naturally with age, thereby creating an angry or crowded appearance. A brow lift may be suggested to you by your surgeon as part of the eyelid rejuvenation surgery because, a brow lift helps to open up the eyes.

4. It’s Normal To Feel a Little Anxiety

Prior to undergoing any surgical procedure, it is not out of place to feel a bit nervous notwithstanding whether if it’s It’s normal to be somewhat nervous prior to any cosmetic procedure, whether it’s cosmetic surgery or non-surgical office treatments. By making adequate preparations before surgery through the review of pre/post care instructions and also by speaking with your plastic surgeon before hand, your fears can become drastically reduced or even eliminated.

5. Eyelid Surgery Results Should Look Natural

Undergoing eyelid surgery does not mean you will have a totally different look such as looking like someone else. Instead, you will be left with a refreshed and rejuvenated look that will give you a younger appearance. Your peers may not even notice that you did surgery, but they will sure notice and appreciate the new refreshing, rejuvenated and relaxed look that you have.

6. Avoid Brow Grooming, Makeup and Contact Lenses

You will be recommended to avoid makeup, brow grooming and especially contact lenses for the first few weeks after your surgery. If you do wear contact lenses or use makeup or groom your brow within this period, then you are at a risk of jeopardizing your result and coming down with an infection. Also, when you don’t rub your eyes and allow them heal naturally, then be rest assured that any swelling that occurs will reduce faster.

7. For a Little While Your Eyes Will Feel Out Of Sorts

After undergoing a successful eyelid surgery, your eyes will feel a little bit “off” for a brief time period. Some effects such as dryness, swelling, redness, and sensitivity to light are commonnly experienced. However, eye drops, cold compresses, sunglasses, and pain medications will help to keep you in a comfortable state. It is not advisable to try to force your eyes to adapt more quickly, it is instead recommended that you take a break and rest them. In just a few days time, you’ll surely notice improvements in how they feel.

8. Results Could Take Up To a Year

The obtainable results after the surgery process are appreciated more once the swelling subsides. So one has to be patient. Much parts of this healing can occur after just several weeks. However, complete results may take at least between six months to one one year.

9. For Maintenance Liquid Lift Procedures May be Necessary After Surgery

Plastic surgery has “permanent” results, but then the aging process still continues with time. Also, eyelid surgery can modify tissue safely, but to maintain the results might require office treatment. For example, even after a successful eyelid surgery has been carried out, often, Botox injections will be required in sides of the eye for fine-tuning purposes.

10. Experience and Credentials Count a Lot

This is very important. If you choose to work with a non certified surgeon, you may end up putting yourself at risk. A board certified surgeon with good experience in plastic surgery especially in eyelid surgery is the perfect recommendation for you.

You should have an extensive discussion with your cosmetic surgeon so that they will fill you in on other things you need to put into consideration before undergoing eyelid surgery.

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Non Surgical Ways Of Lip Augmentation

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A lot of people today hold the opinion that full and luscious lips accentuate youthfulness and femininity. That is why a great number of people keep searching for methods that can be employed to boost their lip volume. There is a variety of methods today that can be used to augment the lips, some of these methods are surgical such as fat transfers while others are nonsurgical. Since our focus is on the nonsurgical methods of lip augmentation, let’s take a look at some of the methods that can be used to achieve this.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are injections just like collagen that are applied to the top and bottom lips in order to augment the lips and increase their volume. There is a wide variety of fillers which includes; Voluma, Restylane, Prelane, Juvederm and Prelane, just to mention a few. Lip augmentation is an out-patient process in which your facial balance and lips will be examined in the course of consultations in order to ascertain the symmetry and shape of your lips. The part of your lips that requires augmentation will be determined by your doctor based on the results.

It is possible to get a temporary lip augmentation. In this case, it is recommended that the product to be used should contain lidocaine as it will give a numbing effect on the lips. In about 30 minutes time or even less the process should have been completed. So even for very busy folks, the treatment can be completed within your break hours at work. Since it’s temporary in this case, the treatment can only last for about 8 months.

Enhancing the Lips With Collagen

Collagen injection treatments have proven to be a tried and trusted nonsurgical method to attain lip augmentation. The procedure is quite simple as synthetic collagen is just injected into the lips to give the lip volume and also to make it softer. There is likely to be a slight swell following the injection but applying make up can do the trick of covering it up. It’s not a surprise that a lot of patients can immediately resume their normal duties after receiving the treatment.

The two types of collagen derived from humans that is safe for use in lip augmentation ate Cosmoderm and Cosmop last. They are also a good choice to treat other defects in the face such as scars and wrinkles as the case may be. High rates of allergic reactions used to be recorded when animal-driven collagen injections were used but these collagen formulas have replaced them with good effects coming to play. This because both Cosmoderm and Cosmp last formulas are human based so this makes them very biocompatible without a need to worry about allergies.

If you collagen is your choice for lip augmentation, there is a probability that you will have to pay your doctor regular visits for touch-ups. This will keep your lips in top shape as the fullness and softness will be maintained. This method of lip augmentation can last for up to 5 to 6 months after treatment. They are not as popular as hyaluronic acid lip fillers in recent times though.


The nonsurgical methods of lip augmentation exceed the use of injections as in the case of using collagen or hyaluronic acid fillers. There are also natural ways to give a boost to the appearance of the lips. Let’s discuss some of these methods below.

Application of Cinnamon Essential Oil

A major ingredient that is used in over the counter lip plumpers is cinnamon essential. Cinnamon essential oil can stimulate the capillaries found in the lips and also boost the flow of blood to give the lips a fuller and more alluring look. It is therefore advisable to add a bit of cinnamon essential oil to your lip gloss or lip balm. You might experience a little tingling or burning sensation as you apply it but the feeling will quickly pass away and you will get that lip augmentation you desire.

Brushing and Exfoliation of Your Lips

Brushing your lips when you brush your teeth can have good effects on your lips. Doing so will ensure that there is an elimination of the dead skin cells, and that blood flow is stimulated which will, in turn, enhance the lips making your lips become smoother and plumper. If you wish to attain a better result, putting some Vaseline or honey on your brush can do the trick.

Exfoliating your lips on a regular basis can also boost your lips volume. This can be done by application of a mixture containing sugar, water and a bit of moisturizing oil to your lips to massage it. After the message has been done properly, you should wipe the mixture off and then apply any gloss of your choice.

Use of Natural Remedies Rather Than Chemical Lip Plumpers

The natural ingredients and essential oils that you need to make your own lip plumpers can be accessed in your home. You may not get a long lasting result as would be obtained when using natural plumpers as opposed to chemical plumpers, but what you are sure to get with natural plumpers are better volume and softer lips. Your natural plumper can also be applied at your convenience as you can carry it along with you to any destination.

Use of Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil works in the same way as cinnamon oil by boosting blood circulation which in turn allows additional blood to reach the lip surface. This will make your lips to slightly swell while also producing a cooling effect on your lips. A drop or two of the cooling oil should be mixed with a teaspoon of petroleum jelly for good results. This mixture should be applied as your normal lip balm.

Cayenne Pepper Essential Oil

A drop or two of cayenne pepper essential oil should be mixed with your preferred lip balm. You can also produce yours at home by mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil, twenty drops of almond oil and two drops of cayenne pepper essential oil together with 1/3 tablespoon of liquefied cocoa. Alternatively, applying a mixture of small amounts of ground cayenne pepper with some water on your lips can add some volume to your lips as well. This is one of the best natural ways to attain nonsurgical lip augmentation.



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The first thing that may come to your mind when you think about the ageing process might be development of wrinkles and also sagging of skin. The neck however, is actually one of the first places to show our age.Droopingand loose skin, horizontal creases,vertical banding and hanging fat can begin to develop. If the extra skin on your neck seems to be significant, then it may be best to go for a neck lift surgery. During a neck lift surgery, the skin is pulled up and back, and excess skin and fat are removed. Ina neck lift procedure, the incisions are hidden behind your ears and are inconspicuous. The result is a smoother, tauter neck that gives you a more youthful appearance. If you do want to go for neck surgery, you might have thoughts regarding how you will need to provide care before and after your surgery. Let’s discuss some of these tips.

Pre Care For Neck Lift Surgery

1. You should confirm with your doctor on any medication (particularly ibuprofen, aspirin, and aspirin containing medications) and also supplements that you should discontinue the use of in the weeks that lead up to your surgery. You will need to quit smoking (at least for now), because it has been proven that smoking can exacerbate any complications that may arise following surgery. You should however fill your prescription drugs including pain medication prescriptions.

2. You should set up a recovery station. Sleeping at an incline is usually recommended by most doctors for the first couple of weeks after operation.Soif you decide that you will be using a recliner, you should purchase a wedge-pillow or any other specialty pillow, or you should just reconfigure the bedding you are currently using to suit your needs.

3. You should make inquiries from your doctor so that you can know exactly what to expect. You can ask your doctor if they will be inserting drains or if they prefer that you wear a chin strap instead in order to prevent serom as and hematom as post op.

What is involved in a neck lift surgery generally isskin elevation away from the underlying muscle and then removing the fat that is in between the two layers. It is actually not compulsory to wear a chin strap afterwards but doing so will give you added security to assure you that the skin will appose to the underlying tissue and will also not sag as it healing.

In more recent times however, some doctors consider chin straps as being no longer relevant in neck lift surgery. Instead two Jackson-Pratt drains are practically employed in the postoperative period which will last for from between two to four days. The period is dependent upon the amount of fluid which is removed from the drains during this time.

4. You should make a provision for someone possibly a family member, to provide help to you at least within the first 24 to 72 hours post-op (they should also drive you home after your surgery). This is important because it may not be as easy you might imagine, to be able to keep track of your pain meds, carry out some other tasks, and make sure all is done according to plan until you’re healed.

5. You should make inquiries as regards to eating and drinking before the procedure. You will be required to stay off food and liquid if general anesthesia will be administered to you in the course of the neck surgery.

Post Care For Neck Lift Surgery

1. In order to prevent clots from happening in your legs, immediately after your surgery it will be advisable to be up and walking. You should also endeavour to get lots of rest and avoid doing things such as bending, lifting, applying strain or driving until your doctor deems you fit to carry out any of these tasks.

2. You should expect some bruises, swelling, and a bit of skin discoloration when recovering. Although within 3 weeks of the completion of the procedure you can expect to be presentable as is the case generally with most patients.

3. Avoid food such as pizza and also, avoid taking salt until the swelling subsides.

4. If you do have to use recliners, you should try to make sure your head is in an elevated position for at least between 7-10 days post neck lift surgery. It will allow for the reduction of bruises and also swelling and make you recover quickly. Specific advice will be given to you by your doctor as your exact case might require.

5. You should be exact in following the orders of your doctor. If you cannot comprehend certain things, you should ask for clarification. Meanwhile, your doctor will show you how you can care for incision, when to carry out personal tasks that can affect your surgery such as washing your hair, and also, when to attend future follow up appointments.

6. One last thing. You may not get to see the results of your procedure for up to many months, or even a year. But you should get excited anyway, because when you do start noticing the results you will be thrilled as you will agree that the procedure was worth it.

Who Are Considered Best Candidates For The Procedure

People that have a face or neck that is begun to sag but who at the same time have a measure of skin elasticity and a strong, well defined bone structure, usually turn out to be the best candidates to undergo neck lift surgery. Although, most of the patients are within the age range of 40 – 60, older people I’mthier 70s and 80s have as well undergone a successful neck lift surgery. Your doctor will help to determine if a neck lift surgery will be good and perfect for your condition.



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It is normal for humans to lose some volume in the skin as we advance in age. This volume loss is what eventually leads to sagging of the skin and formation of wrinkles. Juvederm which is a dermal filler has proven to be an efficient nonsurgical and minimally-invasive way to fill up on the lost volumes such as facial folds and wrinkles, together with lines especially around the areas of the mouth, the nose and also the forehead. Juvederm works by adding volume back into the skin so that facial contours can be maximally restored in good time. The smooth, hyaluronic acid gel will instantly fill up, and is also regarded as a stimulant in the production of two proteins – elastin and collagen – it’s these two proteins have the responsibility of making the skin full due to the addition of volume and also more elasticity. The results can be immediately noticed and it is completely natural looking.

JUVEDERM XC can be used in the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles which includes corner lines, small lines, vertical lip lines, and marionette lines. Another type of Juvederm that has FDA approval for the addition of volumes to the cheeks to give it a lift is JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC. Hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring sugar in the human body, and which has a high affinity for water, thereby attracting water to add volume and plump the skin in order to smoothen out the wrinkles on the skin surface is a major component of Juvederm.

Juvederm is a highly beneficial form of skin treatment and can slow down or even completely erase so many aging signs. As a cosmetic anti-aging filler, Juvederm has a number of uses and benefits which includes but is not limited to plumping up of your lips, treatment of scars arising from acne, and as noted earlier, filling of facial volume and erasing of wrinkles. There are many other benefits that you can attain when you choose to make Juvederm your treatment option, let’s discuss a few of these options below:

  1. Juvederm is Minimally Invasive – Juvederm procedure involves the use of a very small needle to make a few tiny injections. Because of this, the risk of scarring is very minimal and practically nonexistent. Another thing is that, since it’s an outpatient procedure, the treatment will in no way interfere with your activities as you can carry on with your normal routine immediately your treatment is complete. Also, with Juvederm treatment, the risk of having side effects is very low. Even when there is a rare case of side effects occurring as a result of using Juvederm are always mind and never critical.
  2. Contains Lidocaine – Lidocaine is an ingredient in Juvederm that ensures that you will get maximum comfort during the treatment procedure as it an anesthetic. Lidocaine helps to numb the treatment area so you do not feel pain in the course of undergoing treatment.
  3. . It is Made of Hyaluronic Acid – Hyaluronic acid which is the major ingredient in Juvederm occurs naturally within our skin. As time goes on, however, the rate of production in our bodies begin to decline steadily which is a major reason why it is contained in a large number of anti-aging products. Hyaluronic acid assists in the attraction of moisture to the treatment area, as Juvederm steadily produces collagen.
  4. It is the Perfect Tool for Slowing the Signs of Aging – Do you know that if you have wrinkles that are mild or moderate and you do not want to commit to a more intense procedure then, you are a perfect candidate for the use of Juvederm? The costs of treatment and the risks involved are minimal but the results, in contrast, are highly noticeable and aesthetic. Not to forget, even patients with severe wrinkles can also subscribe to the use of Juvederm for treatment although, their treatment regimen, in this case, has to be more specialized.
  5. Treatment is Reversible – Although in most cases you will be happy with the results of your treatment but, if you for any reason decide to take the fillings out then you should know it’s very possible. The procedure is completely reversible with the use of a reversal agent.
  6. Can Be Used on Other Body Parts – One body part that Juvederm is very useful for adding volume is the lips. For people with thin lips that desire to have fuller lips, there is no need to undergo a different procedure altogether. This is because injection of the Juvederm to your lips can add volume and give your lips a fuller feel. Your lips will, therefore, be plump, pleasing to the eyes and most of all very natural looking.Juvederm is highly beneficial as it can give you a beautiful and younger look than normal while maintaining a natural look. You can comfortably say goodbye to your wrinkles and the lines on your face and even thinning lips by using Juvederm with minimal pain and side effects. All these show the benefits of Juvederm for you if you opt for it as your treatment choice.

    You should discuss with your specialist if you are interested in learning more about Juvederm or even set up a consultation to begin treatment. It is however imperative that you let your surgeon know about any allergies that you may have had toward fillers in the past because this could interfere with the success of the procedure.

    After marking the sites for injection and then injecting you with the Juvederm with the aid of a fine needle, your surgeon will massage your skin gently to ensure that there is an even distribution. The results are immediately noticed and will continue to improve for up to 7 days after the procedure. It has been noted to last for up to between 9 months to 12 months while Juvederm Voluma can last for up to even 24 months. You can give it a try to enjoy the benefits of Juvederm.


What Dental Implants Are And How They Work

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Dental implants are important in today’s world. Why is that? A perfect set of teeth is nothing short of beautiful so everyone craves it. Unfortunately, not everyone has it. Conditions such as tooth decay, injury due to accidents and gum disease can lead to tooth loss. When you miss a tooth, it can alter your appearance when you smile. It doesn’t stop at your smile, it can affect your speech or eating habits and also lead to loss of bone mass. Even with all the improvements in dental care, all these things still happen. Anyway these days, it doesn’t even seem to matter the number of teeth you are missing. A lot of people have gone for some sort of oral surgery to sort out these issues and in this case, you have the option of dental implants. Dental implants have been able to restore the smile of thousands of people worldwide thus enhancing their appearance. Let’s go into more details to see what makes dental implants really important and fascinating.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be described as synthetic tooth roots made of titanium alloy which are special biomaterials that the body would readily accept. They have a similar shape to screws and are inserted into the jaw bones where they form a bond with the natural bones in the long run. They become a dependable foundation for the support of artificial crowns which serve as artificial teeth. An abutment usually serves to connect the implant with the artificial crown. Dental implants can be used in a number of ways.

  • They can be used to restore a single tooth in which case, only one implant is used.
  • They can be used to support bridges in multiple teeth replacement. In this case, a dental implant bridge is used and 2 dental implants are used to support the bridge.
  • To support implant dentures. A combination of bridge and dentures are used when almost all the teeth are missing perhaps due to an accident. This is known as a hybrid denture. 6 implants are enough to provide support for the upper teeth while 4 implants would do the same for upper teeth.

The body that advances the study and improvement of dental implants is the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). AAID was established in the year 1951. Their efforts have yielded fruit as in the United States alone, about 3 million people have an implant.

The Procedure

In the dental implant procedure, the first thing your team does is to develop a treatment plan that is custom made or personalized to suit you. This approach is used to make sure you receive care based on an implant option that would be most suitable for you.

The next step is the insertion of the implant into the jawbone socket of the absent natural tooth through dental surgery. In the process of healing, the jawbone firmly supports the implant and holds it in place. This healing can take some time, ranging from 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

In a situation where your jawbones have been severely damaged, bone grafting is done to repair the jawbones so that they can be sturdy enough to firmly hold implants.

Upon full bonding to the bone, an abutment is fixed to the implant. It serves to connect the artificial tooth or crown to the post and hold it in place. After fixing the abutment, a period of a few weeks is allowed to pass in order to let the surrounding gum tissue heal completely.

The moment the surrounding gum tissue is healed, the crown is then attached to the abutment to showcase a brand new tooth. The whole process is known as dental implant surgery.

Anyone can have undergone this process and get an implant as long as you are in good health and can withstand oral surgery. If you are worried about the success rate of dental implants, then you should know that although it might vary depending on different factors but the general rating is high at 98%.

Advantages of Implants

Dental implants have a lot of advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below;

  • Enhanced Appearance – Since they look like natural teeth because they are designed that way, dental implants can serve to improve your appearance.
  • High Level of Comfort – Since implants are permanent and not removable like dentures, they are comfortable to use.
  • Improved Speech – Since they are as good as natural, they do not affect your speech in a negative way like dentures which may cause slurring of words.
  • Improved Oral Health – Dental implants do not affect other teeth in a negative way. They also make for an easier access between teeth. This improves oral health generally.
  • Boost Self Esteem – You are sure to get your charming smile back. This should naturally make you feel better.
  • Convenience and Durability – Dental implants are so durable that they can last for a very long time. In fact, when the implants are given great care they can last a lifetime.
  • You get to enjoy your food more when you eat.

After The Surgery

According to reports, in the process of dental implants, minimal discomfort may happen. But it’s nowhere near painful. In the case of anxiety during surgery, general or local anesthesia may be administered. After the process is done, you might experience really mild sores and a little swelling. Using ice packs can provide relief from the pain and swelling. Also, painkillers such as Tylenol which is an over the counter drug can be taken to ease the pains.

Cost and Care For Dental Implants

On a general scale, dental implants are quite expensive. But the high cost is actually worth it if you put into consideration how comfortable and durable it can be. An insurance or a discount plan can help in reducing some of the costs though.

After completing your dental implant surgery, you would need to take good care of your implants. Oral hygiene is essential to brush your teeth and floss regularly when you do, your implants can serve you long-term possibilities for life. After your surgery, it is advisable to not smoke. And also visit your dentist from time to time for check-ups.

Dental implants are very durable and long lasting and they would give you nothing but the maximum comfort. So if you are wondering about getting an implant, you probably should. It would help to improve your appearance in no time.