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Halloween Inspiration: Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes from 2017

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What’s not to love about Halloween? You have the chance to tap into your creative side, get completely decked out and go celebrate. Given that celebrities already have amazing wardrobes and pretty much unlimited resources, they tend to come up with some stellar costumes for the occasion. With Halloween quickly approaching, the team here at Premiere Surgical Arts thought we’d give you some costume inspiration by recapping the best celebrity costumes from last year. Read More

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11 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Follow on YouTube

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It used to be that if you wanted to find the perfect foundation or shade of lipstick, you had to head to the store and go through the process of trial and error or ask for help at a beauty counter. These days, there are tons of amazingly talented YouTube beauty vloggers and Instagrammers out there who do a lot of the work for their viewers. Many of them are professional makeup artists, meaning you’re able to get high-level tips, tricks and product reviews without even leaving the house. As a Houston cosmetic surgeon, my goal is always to help my patients look and feel their absolute best, so I have an appreciation for the YouTube beauty gurus who do the same. Here are 11 of my favorites: Read More


Is Microblading Your Eyebrows Safe?

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Considering the eyebrows are such a prominent feature, when they look stunning, it can really change your face. Of course, giving them TLC is totally worth it but when you’re filling them out with a pencil, gel or powder every morning, it’s time consuming. Not to mention, those Sephora runs aren’t cheap! Thankfully, at Premiere Surgical Arts, we have a semi-permanent, natural-looking solution to thin or sparse brows: eyebrow microblading! Our Houston microblading procedure has become extremely popular and it’s because the results are beyond anything you can achieve with a DIY approach or permanent makeup. But is microblading your eyebrows safe? It is when you go to a professional like our experienced, eyebrow artist extraordinaire Anna. Today, we’re breaking down the microblading process, the benefits and how we make it safe, so you can avoid microblading regret.
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10 Things to Expect After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

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The number of requests we get for our Houston Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure has skyrocketed here at Premiere Surgical Arts. Of course, breast augmentation and liposculpture will always be popular. However, between Instagram stars and celebrities with enviable backsides, butts have really taken the spotlight. The procedure is an amazing way to get a curvy, more sensual body profile and a youthful, lifted look. Whether you lost a lot of weight and you feel as if it left your butt looking shapeless and deflated or you were always unhappy with the appearance of your derriere, a BBL could be the answer for you. As a leading Brazilian butt lift surgeon, I’ve performed thousands of procedures, giving patients the bodies they’ve always dreamed of. I know the idea of cosmetic surgery and the associated recovery period can be intimidating for some people, so I’m sharing exactly what to expect after BBL surgery. Read More