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Avoiding Bad Plastic Surgery: Mistakes that Make People Think “Fake!”

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We’ve all seen those bad celebrity plastic surgery photos where the person barely looks like themselves after a few procedures. Maybe their lips are inflated to unrealistic proportions or the skin on their face is so tight, they almost look like a wax figure. These highly publicized plastic surgery disasters sometimes give cosmetic surgery a bad name. As a Houston cosmetic surgeon, my goal is always to balance artistry with technical know-how to create results that look amazing but completely natural. Sometimes, however, I’m called in after the fact and a patient seeks out Premiere Surgical Arts for corrective surgery, such as breast implant revision, because they’re unhappy with the outcome they had at another practice. Corrective cosmetic procedures can be really successful but getting it right the first time is obviously ideal. Here are some mistakes to avoid that can lead to bad plastic surgery that appears fake:

  • Choosing the Wrong Size Implant – Whether it’s breast implants or cheek implants, often, our natural instinct is to choose a size that will make a dramatic impact. Yet, bigger isn’t always better when you’re augmenting a part of your body. In fact, one of the most common reasons I perform breast implant revision surgery in Houston at my practice is because the patient wants to go smaller in order to get more natural looking breast implants. A hallmark of bad plastic surgery that screams, “fake” is a lack of balance. Picking the right size implant is key to maintaining the perfect balance.
  • Going too Heavy on the Injectables – Enormous, overly plump lips are an instant giveaway that you’ve had a procedure done and when it comes to all of the articles about plastic surgery disasters, they’re one of the first things that are pointed out. At your consultation, I’ll sit down with you and help you decide on the perfect volume for filler. You can always add more if you want. Though hyaluronic acid fillers, like JUVEDERM®, are reversible, it is definitely more cost-effective to go slowly and more conservatively with fillers from the get-go.

Botox® Cosmetic is another injectable that is wildly popular. When done right, you will look younger and more refreshed but no one will be able to tell you’ve opted for Botox (really!). The frozen face look that people often associate with bad plastic surgery is typically because of too large of a dose or poor technique. It’s important to get enough Botox to relax dynamic wrinkles and lines but not so much that you’re unable to make facial expressions. After years of experience with injectables, I’m able to help you settle on the ideal dose and use the proper technique to get attractive, subtle results.

  • Ignoring Your Body Proportions – Most cosmetic surgery procedures, including liposuction, breast implants, facial implants, rhinoplasty, and Brazilian butt lifts, all require taking into account your proportions to help create symmetry and balance. When you throw off your natural proportions by injecting too much fat into your butt during a Brazilian butt lift or removing too much from one area with liposuction, it does not look natural. I always say it’s just as much about what you leave behind as what you take away. It’s a lot like sculpting something out of clay. You can’t just focus on one part of the sculpture and expect the rest to fall into place. You have to see the bigger picture and work within it, which is where choosing a great cosmetic surgeon comes into play.
  • Working Against Your Natural Features – Good cosmetic surgery will enhance your body or face. The goal isn’t to completely alter it or clash with your natural features. For example, before performing nose surgery, I evaluate your face shape and all of your facial features so that the end result of your rhinoplasty will look harmonious. Trying to force a certain type or shape of nose when it clashes with your natural features can lead to an unnatural look and regrets.
  • Picking the Wrong Surgeon – The bottom line for avoiding bad plastic surgery is working with an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon who you trust completely. When I discuss what a patient should expect from their surgery and help them decide on things like the perfect size breast implant, I have their best interest at heart. After performing thousands of procedures, I know what will look best with their body and shape. It’s also crucial to check out a doctor’s cosmetic surgery before and after photos to get an idea of their work. Ask questions at your consultation and get as much information as possible so you can make informed decisions about your care. If you have a certain procedure in mind, don’t hesitate to ask the surgeon if they have pictures of a patient with a similar body shape or size to yours who had the procedure done. This will allow you to get a visual of what your outcome may look like before you move forward.

At Premiere Surgical Arts, my aim is to help you become the best version of yourself and that means creating results that make an impact but are still natural looking. Whether you’re interested in a procedure or you’ve had bad plastic surgery in the past that you’d like corrected, book a consultation at my Houston cosmetic surgery center and I’ll work with you to get the look you’ve always wanted in a way that’s subtle and stunning.

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Your Top Questions About Botox® Answered

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Botox® Cosmetic injections are one of the most popular med spa procedures at Premiere Surgical Arts and it’s not hard to see why. My Houston Botox patients love it because it’s a non-invasive, quick, virtually painless way to take years off your appearance. There’s no downtime, it lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and also prevents new ones from forming. It’s extremely versatile too with uses ranging from temporarily eliminating crow’s feet to elevating the brows for non-surgical brow lifts to even treating other conditions like excessive sweating and migraines. If you’ve been considering Botox injections, read on for answers to some of the common questions I receive about the procedure.

What is Botox and how does it work?

Botox Cosmetic is an FDA-approved treatment used to safely and temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, particularly forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines, though, as we’ll discuss shortly, there are other ways it can be used. What is Botox made of? It’s prepared from botulinum toxin and when injected into the skin, it blocks impulses from the nerve tissue to the facial muscles we’re targeting that are responsible for expression lines. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin is smooth and free of wrinkles. Why? Well, dynamic wrinkles like frown lines form when the facial muscles contract whenever you make expressions. Over time, smiling, laughing, frowning and showing emotion, leave their mark in the form of lines and wrinkles that stay even when your face is at rest. Botox injections prevent these wrinkles from forming while you’re making the expression, which has the added benefit of stopping new wrinkles from forming or existing ones from worsening, at least while it’s in effect.

What can be Botox be used for?

Botox is most often used to temporarily get rid of moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows, on the forehead, at the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet) and the sides of the mid-chin. I also use it on the neck to reduce the appearance of neck bands and visible cords, in the depressor muscles under the eyebrows for a subtle, non-surgical brow lift and even along the jawline to tighten up the area and make jowls look less prominent. Botox has proven effective in a variety of contexts that have nothing to do with anti-aging too. For example, it can help with excessive sweating, frequent migraines and eye disorders like blepharospasm (uncontrolled blinking).

How long does it take for Botox to work?

How long it takes for Botox to work will depend on where you were injected, how severe the wrinkles are and other factors. Some patients see results really quickly and notice a difference within 24 hours with full results visible within 72 hours. However, for other patients, it takes up to a week to experience the maximum effect of the injections.

How long does Botox last?

One of the first questions most patients ask is how long does Botox last? The results usually last between three and four months. For people who have been getting regular injections, they might notice they’ll either need more frequent injections or require a higher dose. I’ll sit down with you and help you determine the best approach, including the appropriate dosage and how often to get Botox injections.

Is Botox safe and what are the side effects?

Yes, Botox is safe. It’s backed by substantial research and more than 15 years of clinical studies. Botox is FDA-approved for treating expression lines and it’s approved for use in 96 countries. While it is made from botulinum toxin, the medication relies on small, targeted doses. The Botox risks are considered extremely minimal and adverse effects have often been tied to the person having an underlying condition, which highlights the importance of having injections done under the care of an experienced cosmetic surgeon or board-certified dermatologist.

The most common Botox side effects are mild swelling and redness around the injection site. This subsides quickly and there’s actually no downtime associated with the procedure. After you receive your injections, you can go back to work and resume your regular activities. In very rare cases, there have been instances of headaches, dry eyes and allergic reactions.

What should I expect and does Botox hurt?

When patients come in for a consultation at Premiere Surgical Arts, I chat with them about their health history and concerns and analyze their skin. The injections can be done on the same day as the consultation and the procedure usually takes about 10 minutes. I use a micro-needle to inject small amounts of Botox into precise locations on the face and then you can go on your way. As for the million dollar question, does Botox hurt? The answer is no. The needle is so tiny and only a little bit of liquid is used. Most patients report it feels like a bug bite. I don’t need to numb you or use any kind of sedation for the injections.

What age should you start Botox?

Botox can be effective for patients in a wide age range. Yet, for older patients who exhibit significant signs of aging, injectables alone probably won’t bring about the dramatic results they’re looking for. As for when to start Botox, some people like to begin what they call preventative Botox, meaning they use the injections to ward off expression lines before they become permanent. For wrinkle prevention, Botox is best started when you notice that frown lines or crow’s feet are staying in place even after you’ve relaxed the facial muscles, which usually occurs in the late 20s or early 30s. Yet, for most people, starting Botox between 35 and 40 is preferable. Patients with darker skin tones who have lived a fairly skin-friendly lifestyle (i.e., refraining from smoking and staying out of the sun) could even start later.

Can you get Botox while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Getting Botox while pregnant or breastfeeding isn’t recommended. We don’t know whether the botulinum toxin spreads through breast milk or whether or not it would affect an unborn baby. It’s not ethical to test on pregnant and nursing women so, truthfully, we’ll probably never know and it’s best to just hold off until you’re no longer pregnant or nursing.

How much does Botox cost?

Botox cost is on a per vial basis, so it varies depending on how many vials you need. Your dosage is determined by how deep your wrinkles are and the area or areas being treated. When you come in for a consultation, I’ll be able to give you an exact cost.

Will my face look unnatural?

There is a misconception that Botox completely freezes your face and looks fake. If you get the proper dose and see an experienced professional for injections, that absolutely won’t happen. The results are very technique dependent, meaning how your face looks will depend on how skilled the injector is. We always make sure our patients look like themselves just refreshed, more youthful and with fewer wrinkles.

Hopefully, I was able to answer your most pressing Botox questions. If you’d like to learn more about our Houston Botox injections or you’re ready to turn back the clock on your skin, book a consultation at Premiere Surgical Arts!



What are My Facelift Options?

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Eventually, our face and neck show our age. As we get older, our skin loses firmness and elasticity, which causes the skin to droop and sag, leading to jowls and folds along the jawline, under the chin and on the neck. Those fine lines on the forehead, the corners of the eyes and around the nose and mouth turn into deeper wrinkles and folds. While there’s nothing you can do to avoid aging, as a Houston cosmetic surgeon, I do perform a variety of procedures that can turn the clock back and make you look years younger. One of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures for doing this is the facelift, or the rhytidectomy. Read More

Picking the Right Size Breast Implant

Picking the Right Size Breast Implant for You

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, which probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. For many women, having full breasts makes them feel more attractive and desirable, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Beyond that, breast implants can create proportion and give the body a shapelier appearance, as well as help a woman fill out her clothing, bras and bathing suits. Once our Houston breast augmentation patients decide they’re ready for the surgery, the first thing they typically want to know is, how to pick the right size breast implants. Implants that are too large can look unnatural and imbalanced, while some women worry that if their implants are too small, the impact won’t be dramatic enough. Dr. Jung has performed thousands of breast augmentations at Premiere Surgical Arts and relies on his experience and eye for symmetry to give his patients guidance, so they get results they’re thrilled with. Though coming in for a consultation is the best way to find your perfect fit, we’re sharing some of things we take into consideration for our patients in our guide to picking the right size breast implant for you.

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10 of Our Favorite Houston Beauty and Style Bloggers

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As the community of Texas lifestyle bloggers as well as beauty and fashion Instagram stars expands, Houston is really coming into its own in terms of style. Our amazingly diverse city is constantly growing and we’re no longer just known for big hair and cowboy boots (though you’d be hard-pressed to find a state that does those things better than us!). The team here at Premiere Surgical Arts is, not surprisingly, all about aesthetics, so we like to stay on top of the latest Houston beauty and style bloggers; today we thought we’d share some of our current favorites. 

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10 Ways You Can Improve Your Look Right Now

10 Ways You Can Improve Your Look Right Now: No Resolutions Needed

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The holiday season is underway and a new year is quickly approaching. For most of us, the natural inclination is to want to start fresh as soon as the ball drops. Who hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution or two (or 100)? According to a variety of studies and surveys, the most popular resolution last year was to get healthy and not surprisingly, the majority of these health goals were related to fitness and diet, both habits that improve your appearance. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to boost your health and wellbeing to look and feel your best, resolutions, in general, aren’t very effective and resolve fades fast. In fact, Gold’s Gym analyzed four years of check-in data and found February 18 was the day with the largest drop-off in gym attendance.

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The Best Places to Meet Other Houston Moms

The Best Places to Meet Other Houston Moms

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A large portion of Dr. Jung’s patients at Premiere Surgical Arts are moms. That’s probably not surprising, considering Houston Mommy Makeover procedures are one of his specialties. From the initial consultation through the final appointment, he gets the opportunity to develop relationships with his patients and learn more about their lives. It’s become abundantly clear just how rewarding but also challenging motherhood can be. That’s why it’s so important to have a support system that includes women who are in the same boat. We’re here to help with our guide on how to meet other Houston moms.

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How to Help Texas Relief Efforts - Hurricane Harvey

How You Can Help Relief Efforts in Texas

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I’m heartbroken by the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. I don’t just work as a Houston cosmetic surgeon, I’ve also set down roots here and call the area home, so I’ve seen the destruction firsthand. While the storm may be over, a staggering number of people have been displaced and have lost everything. It’s going to take months for Texas to recover from the damage and even longer for many people to rebuild their lives. The acts of heroism, Texans banding together to help one another and the response from around the country has been astounding and touching. Yet, there’s still so much more that needs to be done. If you’re wondering how to help after Harvey, I’ve compiled some ways you can get involved. This list is by no means exhaustive and a search of local or national organizations will turn up an endless array of opportunities but these might give you some ideas.

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Top 10 Questions About Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs) Answered

Top 10 Questions About Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs) Answered

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It’s no wonder that rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is an extremely popular procedure, considering our noses are one of our most prominent facial features. When you don’t like how it looks, it can make you feel extremely self-conscious and hiding it really isn’t an option. Sometimes people are born with a nose shape or size they’re not thrilled about and other times, aging or injury causes unwanted changes to its appearance. Nose jobs will produce lasting results that are as subtle or dramatic as you want. The procedure can bring your features into balance by changing the size, shape or position of your nose. Plus, by fixing structural issues, you’ll be able to breathe better and sleep more soundly. That’s not even to mention the huge confidence boost that comes with loving what you see in the mirror. We know the idea of surgery can be intimidating and some people don’t know where to start. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common questions we receive from our Houston rhinoplasty patients to give you some important nose surgery facts.

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Liposculpture Houston

Liposculpture vs. Liposuction

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Our Houston, Texas liposculpture patients almost always ask Dr. Jung what the difference between liposculpture and liposuction is at their initial consultation. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the terms. The short explanation is that liposuction is part of the overall procedure of liposculpture. They may be essentially the same thing with varying levels of involvement, however, liposculpture is a more advanced and precise alternative to liposuction for men and women.

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